The Movie Cars We Wish We Had For a Summer Roadtrip

When the weather outside is beautiful, there’s nothing better than getting behind the wheel and going for a long drive. Well, there is one thing better, and that is: going for a long drive in a vehicle that is guaranteed to turn heads at every turn. If you’re looking for one of those cars, look no further than Hollywood, the master at capturing all that is great about those long road trips. Here are six vehicles we wish we had this summer.


James Bond: Most of them

Oh, what we would give to have access to the cars in James Bond’s garage. Stylish, cool, and with enough gadgets to ensure you could make a road trip extra exciting, practically any of his vehicles would be outstanding on the open road. Let’s be honest, though – the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 has to be the king of cool vehicles. In the mountains, at the beach, through the city: it doesn’t matter where you take this bad boy!

A Classic Corvette

The Corvette Summer film might have been forgettable, but the Corvette Summer Car was anything but. Any Corvette vehicle would be fun to take on a summer ride, but this vehicle? Well, that’s something else entirely. Intimidating to look at and enough power to ensure you’ll never be left at the traffic lights, it’s a car that just invites the driver to go on an adventure, to test the unbound possibilities of the summer months.

Gran Torino

The Gran Torino movie explores race relations, generational gaps, and the like…but it’s really about the car, the 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport. This is a classy car, made for exploring the best of America. Something to wrap up safely at night and then head off in the morning for a full driving experience with just one passenger next to you, or alone.

Fit for a Heist

Have a few friends who you’d like to have some fun city driving experiences with? Then you’ll need a pack of Mini Coopers, circa 1968, just like the hang from The Italian Job. This car handles mightily fine, though it’s not so recommended for rural driving for obvious reasons. If you can just shut down New York City or San Fran, you’d have a whale of time driving this car around.

The Perfect Day Off

Whew…a 1961 Ferrari GT250. You might remember that this car came to an undignified end in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when it was thrown from its showcase garage into the trees below. Don’t let that happen to you. Have the perfect day off from work and just enjoy the ride!

Back to the Future

The Delorean from Back to the Future probably isn’t the most amazing vehicle ever made…but then, how many vehicles do you know that travel through time and space? Take this out on a summer’s morning, and you might find yourself back in the 1920’s, 1960’s, or into the future. Make sure you’re putting some bets while you’re there and you’ll come back rich!