BMW Is Making a Stripped-Down, Limited-Run M2 Just for the U.S.

2016 BMW M2

Get your checkbooks ready, because an extra-special version of the BMW M2 is coming to the United States in very limited quantities: the M2 M Performance Edition. It’s essentially an M2 with all available performance options and several comfort and convenience features removed—you know, so you can focus on the driving. Of the 150 that will be offered, half come with a six-speed manual—yes, we’re drooling, too—and the other half with a dual-clutch automatic. 

BMW doesn’t have any images available yet, but the company did tell us that the M Performance Edition’s visual tweaks consist of black trim for the kidney grilles, mirror caps, and side gills; the car also gets titanium exhaust tips. Illuminated doorsills are included, and a special LED projection lamp displays an image of the Performance Edition name on the ground when the doors are unlocked. You can have any exterior color as long as it’s Alpine White. Standard performance goodies include an M Performance coil-over suspension, an M Performance exhaust system, and the M Driver’s package, which raises the top speed from 155 mph to 168 mph and includes a day of performance driving school.

What’s perhaps more interesting is what the M2 M Performance Edition doesn’t have. The M2’s standard power seats are swapped out for manual sport seats without heating, a more basic audio system stands in place of the upgraded Harman/Kardon system, the smoker’s package is removed, the automatic climate control is single-zone rather than dual-zone, and the keyless entry system does without the comfort-access proximity-key feature.

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As with a Porsche GT3, you pay more for less here. The M2 M Performance Edition costs $ 61,695—nearly $ 10,000 more than a base M2. Even still, we figure BMW won’t have any trouble selling each of the 150 units it plans to allocate to U.S. dealers starting right about now.

UPDATE, 2/17/17, 3:45 p.m.: We initially stated that this special edition comes only with a manual transmission; BMW has since confirmed that a dual-clutch automatic transmission will be offered as well. 

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