The Middle Of The Road: Cars For A Mid-Life Crisis


It’s just one of those things. As we get that little bit older, our driving skills become a bit more jaded, and we look for ways to deal with the impending midlife crisis by making a statement with the car that we drive. You can almost tell who is behind the wheel when you look at the car. A Mini Cooper is usually a teenager that has a fair bit of money behind them! Or semi-wealthy parents. But if you’re looking at trading in your young banger for an older model, one that has style and elegance, and conveys your impending middle years with some grace, here are the best cars to consider.

Mercedes-Benz SL

If you’re looking to show your age, but you can’t afford expensive classic models, like the 1960s SL with the Pagoda roof, something like an SL320 has a decent price tag, but sometimes they can be a little bit rough around the edges. But there are plenty of mechanics to help, Stuttgart Autos service Mercedes Benz vehicles of all makes and models. But when you are looking for these makes that are the last of a dying breed, you can use them like any modern car now, but with an older model, these small problems can develop into major issues that could wear down your wallet.

Ferrari F430 Modena

Of course, this will set you back a pretty penny, but the Modena is a much more stylish way to convey your midlife crisis. The inexperienced would go for a Testarossa or 348 TS, but it would definitely show your age, and all you would need would be the mid-80s synth soundtrack pumping out of the stereo! If you can, go for a modern Modena, from 2005 to 2010, but keep those Tom Cruise aviators well and truly tucked away!


You want to show your prowess? The M3 is one of those feats of German engineering that makes everyone else on the road step (metaphorically) aside. It’s your choice; you can either go for the E30 or the V8 E92, or one of the six-cylinder models. They all handle like a dream, and the temptation to put your foot down on long stretches of road is more than apparent!

Mazda MX-5

Be careful with this one, it is small and nifty, but it’s one of those sports cars that screams midlife crisis! But it also screams the fact that you can’t afford a Porsche 911. Granted, Mazdas are very reliable, and they are very fun to drive, this goes without saying! But if you want to stay on good terms with your bank and credit card companies, this is a very good option for you, and if you really don’t have the means to afford a Morgan 3 wheeler, or you’d feel like an absolute idiot in it, this is your best option.

Middle age isn’t a bad thing, and these cars are some fantastic ways to show off your middle age spread, but stick within the speed limits, yeah?