Why The Rental Car Industry Wants You To Know It No Longer Sucks

There is no denying that car rental companies help a lot of people out of sticky situations. For example, business travelers can rent vehicles to visit clients and suppliers. And tourists hire cars to help them explore new destinations in relative comfort.

The trouble is, the car rental industry has taken a knock in recent years. Consumers became increasingly frustrated with the lackluster range of vehicles available to renters. They also became fed up with the sometimes draconian terms imposed on their rentals. Examples include extreme mileage limitations and expensive insurance policies.

These days, the industry wants you, the consumer, to know that it no longer sucks! So, what’s changed about the car rental industry? And why should you no longer think twice about renting a car? Here are some of the changes the top name providers have made in recent years:


Source: Pixabay

Customers can save money by booking online

Frustrated renters would often balk at the price of rental cars. Even a small compact could cost a lot of money for just a few days! The good news is that consumer confidence has increased. And that’s thanks to the introduction of online booking systems.

These days, it’s now possible to rent a car by booking in advance through a website. Plus, consumers can save even more by using sites like Hotwire to compare the best deals. Now one can make significant savings on their rentals just by using the Internet!

Better choice of vehicles

A common complaint that renters used to have was the vehicles they received. There used to be a time where people could only select a “type” of car, such as a compact or executive sedan. They had no way of knowing the make and model of vehicle they’d receive.

There was an ongoing joke among seasoned renters of how they’d have to play parking lot roulette. Nowadays, rental companies can tell consumers the exact make and model of vehicle. Some will even let you specify the car you want, providing you give them enough notice.

One can even rent high-end vehicles

Imagine going on vacation somewhere. You want a sports car and have expectations of driving around in a Porsche 911 or Ford Mustang. Instead, what the rental company gives you is a Ford Fusion!

The good news is that mediocre sports cars are a thing of the past. Today’s major players in the rental market have “premium” divisions. They cater for customers that want a specific high-end vehicle. Plus, other independent rental firms only offer such cars.

Insurance scams are a thing of the past

Many people used to hate renting cars because of the insurance products they got forced to buy. The good news is that renters can arrange their own cover separate to the car hire. By doing so, renters can save up to 75% of the costs by shopping around.

What’s more, the level of cover is higher, and the deductibles are lower. It’s no secret that car rental firms would make a huge profit on their insurance waivers. Now there’s no pressured to buying the rental firm’s insurance.