Why You Should Consider Getting Yourself a Pickup Truck



Pickup trucks are one of the most quintessentially American vehicles. There are a lot of vehicles that people think are classic American makes, despite their history being more Continental. Not so with the pickup truck. Conceived and developed to near-perfection in the U.S.A., the pickup truck is born-and-bred American.

They’re a great midpoint between the gas-guzzling SUVs and the smaller sedans. But they shouldn’t just be seen as a midpoint. Here are some of the reasons you should consider looking into getting a pickup truck!


Let’s just get this one out of the way real quick, because it seems a little obvious. But it has to be stated, for the record. One of the best reasons to have a pickup truck is because they’re so darn useful! Their towing capabilities make them invaluable to people with caravans, boats, and other heavies.



Of course, it doesn’t just make for great towing. That space in the back makes the pickup truck the ultimate mobile toolbox!

They can be sexy and tough

There seems to be this idea floating around that pickup trucks can’t possibly be sexy. If someone is looking for a vehicle with strong sex appeal then it seems to be accepted that they’d look for a nice sedan or a luxury sports car. People are more likely to look at a pickup truck and appreciate its “sturdiness” and “practical abilities”.

No longer. There are now plenty of pickup trucks out there that are easy on the eye without having to compromise on toughness. And, yes, the toughness is pretty key to a good pickup truck. Something like the Ford Raptor, for example, adds incredible aesthetic to tough-terrain durability. You can get more Ford Raptor details from Gear Heads.



They’re more comfortable these days (safer, too!)

Pickup trucks actually used to be pretty uncomfortable. Despite the fact that many people who used them would have to use them for hours at a time, it took a while for the problem to be solved properly. The main complaints seemed to be with the seating and the negative effects on the back and hips.

Of course, over time, vehicle manufacturers had to step up their comfort game. The interiors of pickup trucks can now be as luxurious and comfortable as those found in any other vehicle. This has also made it safer to sit in them for longer periods of time, if you’re required to work with one for hours.



People will always want to borrow it

Okay, so some people may find this to be an annoyance rather than a positive. But if you start charging your friends and family a bit of money to use it, then you could have a nice money-maker on your hands! Said friends and family will probably give you dirty looks for charging them, but hey – business is business.

Then again, if you don’t want to charge for its use, then that’s okay. The fact that you have a pickup truck that can help others will still make you the neighborhood hero. And don’t we all want to be the community hero?