7 Facts About Range Rover Evoques That’ll Make Your Hair Stand On End

On sale since September 2011, the Evoque is the baby of the Range Rover model family. It’s proven a hit with motorists from all walks of life from footballers to farmers. Plus, it’s often considered a more stylish alternative to the other Range Rover models! Are you a fan of the Range Rover Evoque? If so, check out these seven intriguing facts about the baby SUV:

  1. It’s not a heavy monster

The front-end and roof of the Range Rover Evoque get made from aluminum. And with plastic front wings, the weight of the car is as low as 1.6 tons on some trims!

  1. The world’s first SUV with magnetic suspension

Did you know there are iron filings inside the shock absorbers? When electricity flows through the hydraulic fluid, it makes the ride firmer or softer!

  1. It took a long time to refine the production model

Most people don’t know it took over 13,000 hours for engineers to improve the gaps between all panels. The result is a sleeker-looking Range Rover!

  1. Based on an award-winning platform

The Range Rover Evoque is a model based on the Land Rover Freelander. However, the significant difference between the two cars is the unique suspension setup.

  1. It underwent rigorous testing before going into production

Before it went on sale, the Range Rover Evoque got tested in a variety of conditions in over 15 countries. The tests included driving in freezing Russian winters.

  1. It’s one of the most customizable cars in the world

Another fun fact for you! The Range Rover Evoque has over 380,000 customization combinations available.

  1. It’s a firm favorite with professional sportsmen

Sportsmen like Manchester United footballer Eric Bailly have bought the Evoque at some point. On that subject, here are some other cars owned by famous footballers:

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