A-Ford-Able Luxury: Why The Fusion Is Still The Ultimate First Family Car



The Ford Fusion four-door sedan is an iconic car model that will always be remembered as one of the greatest additions of the early 21st century. After 11 years of production, you would be excused for thinking the motor is a little outdated. But you’d be wrong; the Fusion is still very much one of the best family cars on the market.

You only need to look at sales figures to see that the Fusion is as popular as ever, with it normally ranking sixth in the overall units table. The current presidential race shows that popularity doesn’t necessarily reflect quality. Nevertheless, those sales stats alone are a clear indication that the Ford model is a winner. And it doesn’t take a lot of investigation to see why it’s still a much-loved model.

First and foremost, it’s an affordable model, especially when you go on the used marketplace. Of course, you could go back to the first generation incarnations of 2006-2012. However, it’s probably advised to go for a second generation option.



Given the popularity of the car over the years, there are plenty of vehicles knocking about. This means you should have no problem finding the right color and specs for your budget and requirements.

Even a brand new 2016 model can be made affordable when you find the right repayment plan or leasing package.

The Fusion is the perfect mid-size sedan too. Clearly, it won’t provide the same enjoyment behind the wheel as a Ferrari. But the two-turbo offerings will provide plenty of power while the steering is fairly fluid too. More importantly, the newest version is one of the safest on the entire market. For any family driver, the importance of these features cannot be overlooked.

A great family car isn’t all about the performance. It needs to be comfortable and practical. As with most Ford’s, the standard cabin details create a comfortable journey. Meanwhile, the trunk space is ample for any modern family. You may want to invest in an in-car DVD player for entertainment purposes, but the car itself is more than ready to meet the needs of all passengers.



Perhaps most importantly, you need to know that your car will last. As a giant of the automobile industry, Ford is a name you can trust. The popularity of their models means that servicing through experts like Walko automotive repair is a far easier job than with competing family cars.

The family car is a huge asset, and it should put a smile on your faces. Giving it a boost in personality and character can take your enjoyment to another level. In addition to practical additions like roof racks, Ford Fusion accessories are easy to find. Whether it’s new seat covers or another purchase doesn’t matter. Those little sparks of new energy are what can make the car truly feel like yours.

When combined with the affordability, safety, and comfort that the Fusion offers, you cannot go wrong. If you’re in the hunt for a mid-size family sedan, the Ford model is certainly a contender for your shortlist. Our advice would be to book a test drive as soon as you can.