Is Volkswagen The Right Choice For You?

Choosing your next car is always a little trying – no matter how long you have been driving. Many motorists find that they easily become very brand-loyal, always choosing one badge over any other. However, this is not necessarily the best way to go. There are certain benefits to staying in-brand, of course. Most of all, it means that you have a chance to get really used to how a car operates. However, ultimately you are just limiting yourself. There is always the opportunity to go to another brand if you want to, and you should give it a go once in a while. Without variation, driving can soon become a little boring. But if you shake things up a bit, you can instill new life into it. With that in mind, the next question is what brand to go for. In this post, we will be looking at Volkswagen – its pros and cons. Is this the next brand you should consider driving, or should you steer well clear? Read on to find out a little more.



Unique Design

Let’s start with some of the more positive aspects to the Volkswagen range. They are, mostly, pretty uniquely designed cars. The last thing you can accuse Volkswagen of is that they have boring-looking cars. And this is no small thing. For many motorists, the design of a car is much more than just an inessential quality. It says something about the character of the vehicle itself. If you are someone who takes pride in something looking interesting and fresh, then this might be your brand.

Fun To Drive

They are not often particularly fast cars, but they can sure be fun to drive. With the smaller Volkswagens in particular, you often get that sensation that you are just gliding along smoothly. This is a wonderful feelings – and motorheads will know how important this kind of sensation can be to the act of driving.


Volkswagens do tend to be cheap to buy upfront, and the running costs can be relatively slim as well. This is great news for anyone who wants to watch the pennies. Even replacing parts does not tend to cost that much, with Volkswagen car tyres being reasonably priced. All round, you are unlikely to have to overspend just to get along with your Volkswagen model.


One problem, however, is that space is often an issue with Volkswagen cars. Not all of their models have this problem, of course. On the whole, though, they tend to produce relatively small cars which might not suit everyone. If you have a family, or space is important to you for other reasons, Volkswagen might not be the best choice.


Another serious drawback for many Volkswagen models is that they do not tend to put much into their engines. This is fine if you just want something to zip around town in. But for anyone who enjoys a bit of speed in their drive, this might cause a serious problem. Bear this in mind when you are on the market for a new car.