Perfect Cars for Sleeping and Napping

Sleeping in your car could be a beneficial life skill. There may be circumstances when you need such an option. Or it can be the alternative for a tent or an expensive hotel room. I believe that whether you’re going on a long road trip or you just need to take a nap when you have an enduring drive to do, you should know which cars are the best choices for sleeping or napping. That’s why I listed some of them below.

Volkswagen Westfalia Pop-Up Camper

The VW Westfalia with a camper top is specially designed for living and camping in. Thus, it has all the necessary features for a good sleep. The vehicle is highly functional, with its pop-up tent, modern air-conditioning, interior house-like components, plus a powerful engine. The rest you’ll get in such a car should be beyond satisfactory. Plus, the brand is a living legend: these VW van models are an icon of the vagabond culture of the world.

Chrysler Town and Country

It may not look amazing on the outside, but it sure compensates on the inside: rotating seats, full pop-up table, USB ports, TVs, smart technology, quiet cabin, safety features. It’s the perfect set-up for a peaceful sleep after a long drive! The rear seats fold horizontally into the floorboard, leaving plenty of room for nap time.

Ford Flex

Besides the folding seats which are great for sleeping on, this crossover also has an ambient lighting meant to induce relaxation. If you’re the type to spend a lot of time on the roads, then this car may offer you the right ambiance for feeling a little bit at home: it is spacious, comfortable and also has a touch of luxury. All you need now is a mattress guide to help you find the perfect airbed to take with you when traveling. It will be an ideal fit for a big car, and it will make you feel like lying down in a real bed. Keep it in the car, and you can use it anytime you want a nap or an overnight well-deserved rest.

Honda Element with an ECamper

Let me introduce to you a versatile car with a water-resistant interior, doors that fold wide open and an ECamper. The best feature for sleeping: the seats can be folded or completely removed, to create more space. When folded, they make two long thin beds, perfect for a good rest for two people. That’s why the car is ideal for couples on the road or partners traveling together. The roomy camper is made of carbon fiber, and it comes with a hefty mattress, LED lighting and fantastic panoramic views.

Ford Transit Connect Van

The model presents plenty of seats, and they all can be folded down to make a broad flat surface in the rear of the van, where you can put sleeping pads or mattresses – in fact, a few airbeds would fit perfectly! The storage capacity is impressive, but not as much as the unbelievable panoramic roof. What could be better when falling asleep than watching the stars above you? Plus, the van has got excellent fuel economy with EcoBoost.

All these cars are excellent choices when it comes to living on the roads, traveling the world or just having a long commute till home. They provide generous space and useful features for a restful sleep.