The Ultimate Ford F-150 Review: Truck Of The Year?

Ford are well-known for producing classic cars that go down in automobile history. In fact, they’ll forever be known as the company that started the auto industry off with the old Model T. Since then, they’ve produced iconic vehicles like the Focus and Fiesta. They’ve been a company most associated with classic family cars and daily motors.

However, they’ve started to branch out and create some awesome looking cars. This review takes a look at one of those cool cars, the Ford F-150. It’s a mean looking pickup truck that’s taking the market by storm. But, what’s so good about it, and is it worth buying?




To start things off, we’ll take a look at the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. For me, trucks have a tendency to look a bit ugly from time to time. However, the F-150 is a cut above the rest regarding looks. It looks ferocious, and you feel like you’re getting a really powerful can that means business.


When most people buy a pickup truck, they’re really looking for practicality and the Ford has this in abundance. It has huge wheels and rigid suspension that means it can go off-road and handle any terrains. There’s a lot of space in the back to load the truck up with plenty of resources and equipment. It also has two turbocharged engines that give it some extra gusto and make it a rather fast truck too. You can also purchase many Ford F-150 accessories to improve the practicality of this car even further. This includes equipment that you can attach to the back and tow objects with.

Price & Running Costs

Naturally, the price of a car is very important. Regarding this truck, it comes in at around the same price most of its rivals sit at. But, what sets this apart from the rest is its low running costs. The Ford engines are incredibly eco-efficient and make this beast very cheap to run. You won’t spend an arm and a leg on petrol like you would with other trucks out there.

Driving Experience

Of course, you want to get a good driving experience out of any vehicle you purchase. This is where the Ford comes into its own and leapfrogs other trucks. It drives like a car, in the sense that it’s so easy to drive. Everything feels effortless, and you glide past cars on the motorway when you overtake them. With most other trucks you really have to force the issue when you drive. Things feel clunky, and you feel like you’re inside a vehicle that isn’t meant to be driven lots. The Ford is the opposite, and it’s a joy to drive.

In conclusion, there’s a clear reason why this truck has topped selling charts in various countries. It combines unbelievable storage space and practicality with fantastic drivability. As a bonus, it’s cheaper to run that all of its rivals and looks beautiful too. Is this the truck of the year? Well, you’re certainly a brave person if you argue otherwise!