5 Incredibly High-Tech Cars

For some of us, the technology in a car is one of the most exciting features. Many people freak out about the purr of an engine, or the spaciousness of the cabin. The rest of us, however, are concerned about all the extra features and gimmicks which the manufacturer has thrown in. If you’re going to be in the market again soon, then here are a few high-tech cars you might like.

Acura TL

This gorgeous sedan is a great car aside from its high-tech feature, with a luxurious interior and handling that’s hard to beat. Aside from that, it comes with a feature that sounds like something from a sci-fi. The TL comes with a temperature control system that’s linked to its GPS. By communicating with a satellite, this car calculates the vehicle’s position relative to the sun. Then, this information is used to keep the sunnier sides of the car cool, and the entire vehicle’s overall temperature balanced. This feature has been available to car manufacturers for a long time, but the TL is one of the few that actually has it!

Volvo S80


Image: Wikimedia

I know, Volvo don’t make the most luxurious of cars, and the S80’s basic interior isn’t much to get excited about. However, it’s still a perfectly practical vehicle, with a drive that’s useful, but not exciting. The biggest drawback is the stock tyres. Many drivers have complained about these lacking tread, but this can be quickly remedied through services like AA Tyres. This model features a personal car communicator that uses a heartbeat sensor. This senses if someone is hiding in the car, and sends the information to a remote “Personal Car Communicator”. Obviously, having an intruder waiting in your car is an exceptionally rare occurrence. Still, this high-tech safety feature is a pretty interesting touch.

Mercedes S-Class


Image: Wikimedia

Once you’ve been driving for a number of years, you stop thinking so much about it. I know I can get into my car and drive from one end of town to the other without ever really looking at what my hands and feet are doing. Sure, it’s great to feel confident in your driving. However, there’s an obvious danger involved in letting your attention slip while driving. The Mercedes S-Class tries to remedy this through an attention assist feature. This will sense driving behaviour that shows your attention is wavering from the road. Then, it will activate a few visual and audio prompts to get your attention back where it belongs. If you know you have a problem with drowsy driving, then this may be a good model to consider.

Lexus LS

This may not be the only car with its high-tech parking guidance system. However, it’s certainly one of the most good-looking currently on the market! We all know that parallel parking is a complete hassle. The LS, however, takes care of it so you don’t have to! Get one of these cars, and you’ll be able to experience the primitive stages of driverless cars. You just have to approach the spot where you want to park, and line it up with the crosshairs on the LS’s navigation system. Then, with a touch of a button, the car will guide itself into the spot, stopping exactly where you’d want it to. This may sound a little nerve-wracking, but don’t worry. You’ll still have complete control of the brake and clutch, so you won’t have to worry about scratching your neighbour’s Bentley!

BMW 7 Series


Image: Wikimedia

If you hate driving at night, then this car can really help you out. When I get onto country roads with all kinds of sharp bends and animals dashing across, my whole body tenses up. Someone at BMW must have had the same problem, because the 7 Series comes with night vision and pedestrian detection. This makes use of an infrared camera, linked up to the car’s navigation system. This gives you a clearer image of the road, ensuring that you don’t get any nasty surprises when it’s pitch black out. This also includes pedestrian detection technology, which alerts the driver when any people or are near the road. The peace of mind you’ll get from this, works well with the exceptional comfort of the 7 Series’ interior. Together, this is perhaps one of the most stress-relieving cars on the market!

When I look into all the tech that’s available in cars, it really makes me feel like I’m living in the future! Still, I know my inner child won’t be completely satisfied until they fly!