How Robots Are Changing Our Cars Futures


So, we may not have cars that fly through the sky yet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t in the next few years. Technology is just getting more and more advanced to the point of no return, and it’s an exciting time to look forward to the future ahead of us.

Here’s what’s been happening so far.   

Smart dashboards

Forget the plain bulky dashboards that you’re used to, as now we have dashboards that act like smartphones and androids that can read out any messages you receive, answer calls for you, play your music, and navigate you from A to B. While some people worry about how advanced these features are becoming because they think they may cause more of a distraction – a lot of others argue that this is a safer way of driving, because everything can be activated by voice control or on big touch screens that don’t take any attention away from driving.

Gesture control

This means that you no longer need to take your eyes off the road to turn the volume up or down, or change the radio station, or track that you’re listening to, because you can now just wave your hand it the air to control all of these things for you. This is because there is a system put in place that recognises certain movements, actions, and motions you’re doing, and it responds to that.

Self-driven cars     

Self-driven cars work by using remote sensing technology. This is essentially a laser that tracks range, that is mounted on top of a vehicle, allowing it to generate a very detailed three-dimensional map of its environment and the surroundings so that it can navigate around them. As amazing as this sounds, there are many different opinions on driverless cars. Some people think they’re incredible which is because, well, they are. While others are concerned about their safety by relying on a robot to drive them, when they are capable of doing so themselves.

Autonomous features

Other than driving themselves, there are other features that are added as helping hands for those tricky situations. A car is now able to assist you when parking by using its sensors and even shows you live footage of your car at different angles so you can see how close you are to the wall, another car, or the curb. When driving, a little noise will go off if it detects that you are driving over the lines in the road, this also works to detect if you are tired and need a rest too, as your driving is becoming a little lazy and inconsistent.

So what do you think about technology nowadays? Is it for the best, making our lives safer because we don’t have so many other things to focus on anymore? Or is this making us lazy, and encouraging new generations to rely so much on technology that they no longer need to be present?

Whatever your opinion is, the world is changing, and faster than you think.