How Technology Continues To Change Our Car Experiences

It’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come when it comes to car technology. Over the past few decades, we’ve made massive leaps forward in the areas of entertainment, safety, and security. Indeed, it’s possible to see massive shifts since the turn of the century. And with the ever-increasing likelihood of driverless cars and so on, it looks like technology is going to have a massive impact on our driving experiences. Below, we take a look at a few of the key areas where recent developments have made the biggest difference.


The Internet of Things

If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things, then don’t worry: you will. In essence, it’s the art of hooking up everyday items to the internet. We typically see it discussed regarding the home, where people can switch on lights and set their thermostat with their phone, but it also applies to the car. Industry experts predict that by 2021, somewhere in the region of 75% of all new cars will be connected to the internet. So what does the Internet of Things look like in a vehicle? It’ll mean adding driver specific apps, and being able to share your location with other vehicles manually; great if you’re the one leading a convoy to a wedding!

Tracking From Home, Keeping Safe

All that exists in the future, but there are ways to keep your car safe and secure now. All you need to do is buy a GPS tracker, find a laptop using, and you’ll be able to monitor where your car is at all times. This is especially useful if you have a son or daughter who wants to borrow your car shortly after getting their license. You’ll be able to see exactly where they are at all times; the perfect remedy to an anxious mind.

Advanced Safety Features

Technology has also made our cars infinitely safer when they’re on the roads, too. There’s a long list of features that are increasingly being included as standard issue on new cars, such as lane-keep assists which prevents a driver from drifting; adaptive cruise control which adjusts a car’s speed depending on the proximity of nearby cars; and the collision warning system, which alerts the driver when an accident is imminent, giving them more time to brake.

In-Car Entertainment

It seems to imagine that up until a couple of decades ago, the best a car could offer was music! Today, luxury car makers are coming with ever-inventive ways to keep the passengers in the car entertained. Whether that’s a fold-down screen so the children in the back can watch a movie, a mega amp in the back for a superb sound, or a tablet that belongs in the car, long car journeys have never been so much fun.

To the  Future

So what does the future hold? We envision a time when you enter and start your car with your fingerprint; the car drives itself to wherever you want to go, and even monitoring your health. Cars: is there anything they can’t do?!