The Future Of Safer Roads

The world of automotive safety has come a long way over the last few years. Unlike in the past, computers are now small enough to be used throughout a product like a car, without impacting its appearance or usability. This change has had a huge impact on the industry, with newer cars offering greater functionality and safety than anything the past had to offer. But, where exactly is this shift going to see cars over the next ten years? As more technology is developed, this question is on a lot of people’s minds. So, this post is going to be taking a look.

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  • Automatic Braking

A lot of modern cars already feature automatic braking, hugely lowering the risk of accidents on the road. This technology works by using an array of different sensors around the car. Using these sensors, your car is able to get a lot of information about its surroundings. From there, it can use pre-written scripts to determine whether or not a collision is going to occur. When it detects an accident approaching, it will safely engage the brakes, stopping the car before it’s too late.

  • Alcohol And Drug Testing

Of course, though, technology like automatic braking can only help you so much, as there is always a chance it will fail. Along with this, automatic systems can’t take into account the state of the driver. If you’ve had too much to drink, extra safety features become useless. To solve this issue, several companies have been working hard to design in-car alcohol and drug testing devices. Gone will be the days of needing an attorney like to help you out of DUI jams. Instead, your car simply won’t start when you’ve drunk too much.

  • Speed Control

Drink and drugs are responsible for a lot of the accidents on the road, as they often impair the driver’s ability to react quickly. But, along with driving under the influence, speeding also causes a lot of collisions. Having spotted this trend, car companies everywhere have started working on their own speed management tools for their cars. With a device like this installed, the car would be limited to the speed limit of the area it is driving in.

  • Complete Automation

There are already some cars on the market which can drive themselves into parking spaces or along roads which they know. But, very soon, a lot of car manufacturers hope to make this technology into a true reality. Having cars drive themselves limits the risks of accidents almost entirely. Being on a network with other cars, your vehicle will always know where hazards are and how to avoid them. But, it doesn’t stop there. Along with being able to drive itself, a future car may even be able to maneuver around threats altogether, helping to avoid any of the risks associated with driving.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start becoming more interested in the way that car technology is being focused on safety. Most modern cars are designed with safety as a primary concern. So, it’s easy to see that this field will continue to grow long into the future, and drivers are just going to have to deal with it.