Top Car Tech You’ll Find In The Next Few Years

Car technology has soared over the last ten years as we have seen our vehicles become more and more stuffed with interested technology that makes our lives easier and the car far more fun to drive. But what lies in the future? How can we make these cars better than they already are? There are huge amounts of new technology coming, and this article explores some of the more practical and exciting that will put your old car to shame.

Self Diagnostic

What if the car could diagnose itself and tell you what you need to do to repair it? Car issues usually become so bad because they are left undiagnosed for so long and it just gets worse. But in the future your car will be able to send a warning message to your car’s screen telling you the fan belt needs changing or that the spark plugs are what’s causing the misfiring. This would save you a tonne of money because you can get to the problems before they become serious. For now, you’ll have to purchase the new parts at the higher cost, but don’t worry, here are some advance auto parts coupons.

Heads Up Display

Some cars already use a limited version of a heads up display bt it is essentially some digits on a screen. Soon there will be high fidelity HD images beamed onto the glass in front of you without stopping you from seeing the road. It could revolutionise the satellite navigation market too, imagine an arrow telling you the next turn beamed right onto your glass. You could have non invasive notifications from your car or your phone beamed straight onto the screen. Things like volume, radio station, etc could all be right in front of you around the edges, meaning you no longer need to look down whilst driving.


Self Driving Car

You will have seen this on the news. Google have been pioneering it, but it will soon become a reality hard to ignore. In the future the option for self drive will be built into many cars, allowing you to just lean back and enjoy the ride as your car whisks you off to your chosen destination. This will be a few years yet are there are still kinks to iron out, but in around ten years you’ll be able to have your car drive up and down high speed motorways itself with minimal input from you. This includes lane changes, acceleration and automatic braking.

Fingerprint Access

Soon you won’t need to carry a car key around with you at all. You’ll be able to enter, and start the engine with a fingerprint, similar to how you access your phone. Biometric access will simplify the process and allow you to get in without fishing for keys. The idea of retina scanners have also been touted, which makes sense for the vehicle starting, but leaves questions regarding how you unlock the car. Whatever they do, it is a dazzling sign of things to come.