Your Errors About Electric Are Irritating


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A recent poll has revealed that seventy percent of the general public have never thought about purchasing an electric vehicle. We’re not surprised because there are quite a lot of weird and wonderful beliefs surrounding EVs that are hard to ignore. They’re not fast, they take hours to recharge, they’re expensive, they’re unreliable. Our personal favorite is that they are more environmentally damaging than the typical petrol vehicle. Let’s clear up that misunderstanding right now. People who think this are a) considering hybrids and b) confusing the problem with production and the issue with fuel. It’s true that some companies were caught red handing blurring the numbers on the energy it took to create electric vehicles. But these were hybrids, and while pollution rates were high, they are still green once they’re on the road. Let’s look at some of the other myths you might believe.

They Sure Took A While To Recharge?

Are you sure about that? This misbelief is a huge problem because forty percent of people who didn’t want an electric car sited recharge time as the main reason. But if you buy an electric bike like an Elektroroller kaufen, you’ll find they recharge in minutes and well under an hour. It’s not just the bikes either. Some electric cars are getting faster for recharging, and many can recharge while they are being driven. So, you do have to wonder what on earth people are complaining about. In a few years, you are going to find that these cars are as quick to refuel as your average stop at a gas station. We’re just not quite there yet.

They Don’t Go Very Far Do They?

Where exactly are you going that’s more than two hundred miles away? That’s how far the new Chevrolet Bolt can travel which means that you could travel a pretty sizeable distance of the UK or a large chunk of any American states without recharging. So, while it’s true that basic electric cars do have limitations on distance, if you’re buying one that rivals the cost of your typical family car, you should be fine. Two hundred miles is getting pretty darn close to what you can travel on a full tank of petrol in a car with an average MPG.

Aren’t They Expensive?

You can pick up that Chevrolet we mentioned for somewhere around thirty thousand which is a darn site cheaper than the typical Land Rover and rivals some of the best family vehicles.  If you’re looking for something cheaper, you can get electric cars for a price as low as ten grand. For an electric motorbike, you can cut that cost in half. To sum up then, if you can afford a car, you can afford to go electric.

They’re Not Very Reliable, Though?

Okay, we’re not going to sell you the idea that EVs never break down, they do. They’re still a vehicle and vehicles are made up of complex pieces of machinery. What we will say is that on average they break down a lot less than your typical petrol car and require less maintenance. So if you hate getting your hands dirty underneath the hood, this is definitely the vehicle for you. Just don’t expect it to run your whole life without ever failing.

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