10 Must Have Motorcycle Gadgets

Riding season is just around the bend.

If you haven’t taken your bike out already, chances are you’re in the process of getting it tuned up from the off season.

That is unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a climate which permits riding year round.

Whatever the case, your bike is prepped and ready to ride (or at least close to it).

This season shows promise, too. Whether you’re making a pilgrimage to Sturgis or just tooling around back roads, this is the year to push the limits of the open road.

Bikes are not for everyone. Handsome young man sitting on his bike with motorcycle garage in the background

You don’t need a new bike to feel the thrill of the pavement wooshing beneath your boots.

A new gadget, however, is always a welcome addition.

Listed below are 10 motorcycle gadgets guaranteed to enhance your ride. Check them out!

1. Helmet tech

Your motorcycle helmet might be the most important piece of equipment you own (next to your bike, of course).

From increased protection to increased visibility, helmets are beginning to transform how riders interact with the road.

New tech is slowly making its way into fully integrated units. But in the meantime, there are plenty of other options to choose from until the future actually gets here.

While heads up displays aren’t quite ready for the consumer market, you can still record your adventures with a GoPro.

Or, if you’re wanting to listen to your favorite jams, there are a variety of in-helmet sound systems already on the market.

But if you’re traveling with your friends and don’t want to pull over every time you need to discuss routes, consider installing a motorcycle headset.

2. Riding gear

The protection offered by your helmet should extend to the rest of your body.

Take care when selecting your riding attire and don’t skimp on the cost.

Remember, you’re protecting yourself from the unknowns.

There is something for every style and taste, so don’t be afraid to pick and choose the right outfit for you.

Take your riding gear a step further by including shock absorbing gloves or an aerodynamic backpack.

3. Audio gear

Much like the in-helmet sound system mentioned above, there’s now a wide variety of audio and video gear available to enhance your riding experience.

If you often stream music from your phone, consider getting yourself a set of remote controls for easy operation.

Mounts for different phone styles are also available. Increase the usability of your devices by wearing touchscreen stickers on your gloves.

4. Tool kits

If you don’t already know your motorcycle like the back of your riding-gloved hand, grab your owner’s manual and get yourself a new tool kit.

For seasoned road warriors, riding and working on your own bike is a form of zen meditation.

Get to know your bike and what it needs. By becoming your own mechanic you’ll be filled with a new sense of pride.

Knowing how to ride your motorcycle is one thing, but to understand the nuances of its design is truly satisfying.

Don’t forget to keep a basic set of tools with on your rides, too. Anything can happen on the road, but you can always come prepared.

5. Saddlebags

Whether you’re traveling cross-country or just across town, motorcycle luggage is a usefully versatile accessory.

You can get them to suit your needs and they come in soft or hard varieties.

Saddlebags are the most common type of motorcycle luggage.

But if you want more carrying capacity, get yourself a tail bag, too.

For even more storage space, throw on a tank bag to make the most of your touring adventure.

6. Lighting systems

As a motorcyclist, you don’t just want to be seen, you need to be seen.

After all, your life might depend on it.

If visibility is a concern for you, and you can’t bring yourself to install super loud pipes, consider installing a new lighting system.

Light emitting diodes (LED) are more efficient and more dependable than your typical filament bulbs.

With their small size and long life spans, LED lighting systems is a great way to make your chrome trim shine.

But the benefits aren’t simply aesthetic. Brightening up your motorcycle at night is a fantastic way to ensure other drivers see you coming and going.

If bright lights aren’t your thing, but you still want greater visibility at night, try some well-placed reflective tape.

7. Alarm systems

Your bike is your baby, and you might just die (or at least cry) if someone were to ever take it away from you.

Security systems for motorcycles range from simple to high-tech depending on your needs and budget.

Electronic alarms, for example, provide an excellent deterrent for any would-be thief.

Disc locks are also effective when preventing motorcycle theft. The locks clamp onto your bike’s disc brakes and prevent the bike itself from moving.

Many also include internal shock and motion sensors which sound the alarms if they are triggered.

8. Crash protection

In the unfortunate event of a bike crash (please, wear your helmet) damages can add up as quick as the accident itself happened.

While you can only control fate to a certain extent, there are precautions you can take to ensure your bike doesn’t sustain too much damage.

Perhaps you hit a spot of sand in a parking lot, or maybe you had to lay your bike down to avoid something worse than a scraped frame.

Crash protection add-ons like fork and frame sliders can help minimize the damage sustained in the event of a crash.

9. GPS navigation

The days of learning how to refold paper maps are over.

GPS navigation is now standard, and if you’re not using it to navigate the open road, you might be missing out.

Garmin, for example, offers a GPS unit designed specifically for motorcycles.

It comes with a motorcycle mount that can be easily detached. The display is large and easy to use, even with gloved hands.

10. Radar detector

Being alerted of upcoming speed traps is helpful when riding a machine that can exceed the speed limit in a matter of seconds.

There are a variety of radar detection units available specifically for motorcycles.

Mounting one to your motorcycle can be tricky, though. For increased visibility and ease of use, consider installing an alert system to go along with your radar detector.

Now, you’re prepared to ride.

Make sure to bookmark this list before you hit the road with your friends.