Crazy Cool Ways To Make Your Car Stand Out

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If you want to save some money on your new vehicle, you may purchase a car that is to put it bluntly, downright dull. You won’t be spending a fortune on a new BMW or purchasing the latest souped-up Audi. Instead, you’ll be looking a Volvo or perhaps a station wagon. If it’s your first car, you might be choosing a hatchback. But when you’re constrained by a tight budget there’s probably going to be nothing too hot about it. So, how can you avoid your car looking like a bore on the driveway? Well, you can make some cosmetic improvements to give your car a little more character and a lot of style.

Wrap It Up

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First, you may want to consider investing in a wrap for your car. Paint wraps are the easiest way to change the color and the look of the vehicle. You can even get wraps to put different images and cool designs on the vehicle. For instance, you may want to think about choosing a logo or perhaps even your favorite superhero. All our possibilities with a new car wrap. It just depends on how unique you want your car to be. Obviously, a classic choice would be flames along the side or on the bonnet. This will make your car look like a proper street racer even if it has trouble hitting eighty on a straight.

Need For Speed

How about adding a spoiler to the back of your car? Don’t be fooled, a spoiler won’t do anything for the handling or performance of your vehicle. Unless of course, you’ve bought a car that already has one. Spoilers are to push the car down at insanely high speeds upwards of a hundred miles an hour. Essentially, a spoiler stops a car from taking off and no, we’re not joking. If you stick one on  a Micra, it won’t do a thing accept look pretty darn awesome.

Personalised It

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How about giving your car a name and when we say a name, we mean yours? You can use a company like Plate Trader to find the perfect personalised car number plate. It can have your name, a nickname or whatever else you want it to say. It can even read ‘Devil On Wheels’ or something that actually fits on a plate. Be aware though that the more popular plates will be a lot more expensive. As you can see by this rather wonderful news story.

Low Rider

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Ah, now this is a little different because changing the car suspension will alter how the car handles. Therefore, you do need to be careful and make sure you get a pro to handle the change. Otherwise you can cause serious damage to the vehicle. For one thing, going over a speed bump can be a bit of a nightmare. That said, a lowered suspension can make a real clunker look smooth, cool and streamlined. It will also feel a lot faster when you’re driving it because you are close to the ground.

We hope you use some of these ideas to make your car a little more exciting.