Perfect Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Whether you’re a car lover yourself or not, you probably know someone who is positively obsessed with vehicles and all things motorised. They’ll talk about cars, clean their own, dream of one day owning that classic vehicle that’s just beyond them at the moment. So when it comes to the Birthday, what do you get them? The same old tired gifts, which will be discarded at the very first opportunity? Or…do you go for a motor related gift, one that you’re sure will bring them hours of enjoyment. It’s a no brainer, really: go for the car gift. Here are a few ideas to get you going.


Entertainment Galore

Back in the old days, a car would get you from A to B. Today, it still gets you from A to B…but it gets you there in style. There’s so many options for in car entertainment that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Needless to say, we’re pretty certain that a music lover would love to have a stellar in vehicle sound system raring to go with all their favorite tracks preloaded. Invest in a top quality subwoofer and sound system and they’ll enjoy driving their car even more than they currently do (if that’s possible)!

Getting them on the Road

There’s nothing more frustrating that being a car fanatic who isn’t able to drive. It does happen. For one reason or another, be it money or time, they just don’t get round to having the number of lessons they need to be able to pass their test. If you know someone like this, then make their year extra special by buying them driving lessons from a company like RAC School of Motoring. You already know they have the motivation to pass the test – now they’ll actually be able to work towards it! And hey, when they pass, you might just be able to call in a few favors and have your own personal chauffeur for a while….

A Racing Experience

If your car lover has their own vehicle, then you might want to look at getting them a driving experience. This will enable them to really put their car to use in ways that probably isn’t legally allowed where you live. By doing this, they’ll have their own track in which to put the foot to the floor, all in a controlled environment. If they don’t have their own car, then it might be even more fun – a lot of the racing experience days offer some pretty impressive vehicles, from Ferrari’s to Aston Martin’s and the like. It might be their only opportunity to drive such a vehicle, and they’ll be doing it on a track that has no one else on it. Wow!


To the Track

If you’re not fully confident in their ability to get behind the wheel and stay safe, then why not treat them to a different kind of racing track experience and take them to see a live race. Of course, there are many different types of motor racing that takes place around the world. Will it be NASCAR, or Formula 1? If it’s the latter, you can combine the experience a trip, too, as all of these races take place in destinations that are worthy of a visit in their own right!

Fully Kitted Out

If your car lover is always out and about in their car, exploring the local area and taking some epic trips, then there’s every chance they’d love to have a dual dash cam on their car to record all the epic driving moments they experience. Of course, a dash cam isn’t just for recording those beautiful moments (though they could make a pretty epic movie with it!), it also helps lower car insurance and overall keeps you safe. Some even come with a rear parking sensor included, so they can get that one tricky manoeuvre right every single time.

The Ultimate Gift

Now, we’re not saying this next one should be a yearly gift. We’re talking big deals here. A fiftieth birthday or retirement gift; those type of things. If you know that they have their heart set on specific vehicle, why not look into whether buying it would actually be feasible? Classic cars aren’t always as expensive as you’d think and, as we said, it’s for a special occasion! We’re fairly certain that they’ll be pretty overjoyed when they open their eyes and see the big surprise. And you’ll also be setting the standard for when they buy a gift for you, too….