2nd Car Catastrophes And How To Avoid Them

Having a second car sure can be useful. It can free up time as you don’t have to drop everyone off at work and school. It also provides more of a sense of freedom if one person is at work in the day and one person is at home. Also is a great backup just in case your first car isn’t always that reliable. However, despite all of the positives, that are associated with a second car, there are some pitfalls that you need to avoid as well. Read on to find out what they are.


The cost of running only one vehicle can be significant, adding another one to that including the ticket price, fuel, maintenance, and other expenses can really be problematic for a lot of people.

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That is why is vital to avoid getting a vehicle that you just can’t pay for. Unfortunately, folks that get into this situation often find themselves being visited by the bailiffs and having their vehicle repossessed, something that is upsetting and annoying. So make sure that you do your sums first before you buy that second car, or it ends up being a real catastrophe financially.


Another potential catastrophe that you can run into when getting a second vehicle is making the wrong choice. Of course, with so many thousands of options out there both new and second hand, it isn’t the easiest of tasks to pick the right one. Then once you do, finding at the right price can be tricky too.

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If you are buying new, then you may have it a little easier regarding choice because there are well-documented reviews like that you can use to help you. For example, it’s pretty easy to get a sense of how the Audi RS3 and the Toyota Yaris iA perform and whether they would be a sensible purchase for your needs.

Of course, as a general rule newer vehicles are more expensive that secondhand ones. Something that can create a problem in being able to raise the cash you need for a deposit. If this is the case for you, then why not look into title loans for some help? These are loans that you can get against the value of your first vehicle, whether it’s car, SUV or RV. They serve to free up cash that will allow you to put a down payment on your second one.


If you are buying second hand then the game just got a little trickier and the opportunity for potential catastrophe a bit higher. This is because not only do you have to choose a great model like the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic or the Honda Ridgeline, but you also have to know enough about cars to be sure that what you get isn’t a lemon.

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A lemon is, of course, a vehicle that looks pretty sweet on the outside but doe not work properly, and has continued issues that can cost a lot of money. In particular, watch out for the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the VW Jetta as these are well known to be unwise purchase on the second-hand vehicle market.

If in doubt it can help to take the vehicle to a garage to get a professional evaluation. Just remember that if it seems too good to be true on the price, it probably is.


Another potential catastrophe that not many people think of when investing in a second car is how you will ensure that it is used fairly within the family. If you just have one person that it will be for it won’t be too bad. However if your second vehicle needs to be shared between parents, and siblings you may have more of a challenge on your hands.

You may choose to work with a permission system where each person needs to ask you if before they use it. Alternatively, you may ask the kids to do certain chores and tasks around the house to earn the privilege of driving the second car. Although, whatever you do it’s important that you have some sort of system in place to avoid catastrophic arguments and additional hassle on you as a parent.


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Last, of all, a catastrophe that you don’t want to happen is one concerning safety. Luckily, there are many great vehicles like the 2017 Ford Focus and the Volkswagen Golf with excellent safety ratings that would make great 2nd cars. Something that makes them perfect 2nd car for a family with younger drivers they wish to keep an eye on.