5 Ways To Reduce Trips To The Mechanics

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Are you forever making trip to the mechanics to repair your car? You may have got unlucky and chosen a particularly unreliable vehicle (many used cars could have been badly maintained by a past owner, whilst other cars may have common manufacturer faults). In other cases, wear and tear could be prevented by how you look after your vehicle. Here are some tricks that may prevent many common faults from occurring.

Stay smooth

Adopting a smoother driving style can put less stress on many of your car’s working parts. The idea of braking earlier and accelerating more gradually won’t just help to conserve fuel, it could prevent your brake pads and pedals and tires wearing out. Other parts of your driving may also benefit from a smooth touch if you’re currently a little heavy handed. Smooth gear shifts can help to protect your gearbox, whilst not yanking the handbrake can help to prevent the handbrake wearing.

Pump up those tires

You could reduce trips to the mechanic simply by making sure your tires are always pumped up. Driving on underinflated rubber won’t just burn through your tires quicker, it can require you to put more force on the brakes when stopping, causing more wear to the brake pads and brake pedals. Unevenly inflated tires can also affect the balance of the car and damage the suspension. On of all this, the lack of grip could affect handling, increasing your chances of getting in an accident and needing extra repairs.

Keep parts lubricated

Many parts under the bonnet can last a long time if constantly lubricated. A lack of oil may cause parts to chafe whilst others may get too hot and warp. Sites like www.nboljor.se sell lubricants that are ideal for the job. You may be able to do your own oil change without having to go to a mechanics.

Protect your car from the weather

Whilst modern cars are built to withstand the elements, certain weather conditions can be too much of a test. The cold weather is renowned for destroying car batteries – your best defence is to drive your car regularly to keep the battery warm or store it indoors. You can also buy specialised car battery warmers as listed at www.wisebread.com. The heat meanwhile can cause all kinds of problems, making it easier for parts to overheat. Topping your vehicle up regularly with engine coolant can prevent this, whilst you should try not too drive for too long without breaks to stop your tires from blowing.  

Don’t buy partially worn parts

Partially worn parts can be bought online from many reputable dealers. They’re much cheaper than brand new parts, but the fact that they’re partially worn can often make them less cost-effective in the long run. Whilst brand new parts may last years, partially worn part may need to be changed again in a matter of months. You’re better off investing in new parts to minimise trips to the mechanics.