A Commuting Conundrum

As a nation, we’re in love with our cars. And, for those of us who use our vehicles to commute, the love grows even further. Having the option of traveling to work often means the difference between a job we settle for, and a job we love. Of course, public transport is always an option, but it’s one few of us would choose. Who wants to sit on a bus or train first thing in the morning? There’s the chance you won’t get a seat, or that there’s a delay. It’s far from ideal.

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So, it’s no wonder that most of us rely on our cars to get us where we need to go each day. A recent study from the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that the average worker travels 26 minutes to work. And, nearly 17% of those asked had a commute of 45 minutes or longer! These findings have increased in a major way since studies began in 1980. Why? It may be that cars are more accessible to us all now. Most families have at least one car, while that wasn’t always the case in 1980.

Of course, the world of commuting isn’t always a happy one. While it’s good we have this freedom; the Census Bureau suspect people with long commutes are more likely to live in poverty and suffer emotional problems. In many ways, that’s unsurprising. If we’re spending such a large amount of our lives far from home and loved ones, we’re sure to see some negative impact. Plus, commuting isn’t cheap. You’ll spend a large chunk of your wages on fuel! So, while car commuters might not have to worry about late buses or crowded platforms, there are still concerns. We’re going to look at some of the main ones, and what you can do to avoid them.

Fuel costs are a major issue for anyone commuting on a regular basis. It can seem as though there’s no point working when you’re spending so much to get there and back. No matter how much you love your job, few of us are willing to or can afford to give our time away for free. The good news is, there are a few ways to overcome the cost. For one, shop around. Fuel prices vary significantly between companies. Make sure you find the best possible price. Keeping on top of car maintenance is also crucial. Worn tires or engine parts can cause your vehicle to guzzle more fuel!

Breakdown is also a major worry. Again, maintenance can help here. But, it might also be worth looking into something like this synthetic blend oil. Designed for cars which often do small journeys, this choice will make it much less likely you’ll run into trouble.

Car accidents are another major worry when you’re traveling in a hurry. A major pile-up could cause backups which, once you’re in them, may take hours to clear. Avoid the problem by always checking the traffic news before you set off!