Adventures on the Road: the Best Accessories for Drivers With Wanderlust

This one’s for the inner traveller in all of us. Whether it’s a drive across a sandy dune or drifting over a winter wonderland, we feel safe and comfortable in the confines of our vehicle. Many drivers around the world have taken it a step further, and they’ve turned their cars into fully-featured adventuring machines. Their cars touch the tarmac of a dozen countries before they’ve returned home, they pick up memorabilia from various local attractions and their cars pick up more than a few battle scars over the years.

If you’re consumed by wanderlust, then perhaps it’s time that you also converted your vehicle (or bought a new one) to become a travelling vehicle. Whether you own a sturdy off-road vehicle like a Jeep Wrangler, a more modern 4WD vehicle such as the Ford Super Duty or even a humble Ford Fiesta, here are a list of accessories that you can equip your vehicle with to turn it into a machine worthy of travelling the world.

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Wanderlust would mean that you’ve got no idea where you’re going. As long as you’re braving the unknown, that’s enough satisfaction to continue driving with your foot firmly on the pedals. However, it’s never a good idea to get completely lost in the wilderness with nowhere to go. Sure you might have a phone with you, but with the sorry state of phone battery life in recent years, you’re going to be lucky if you even have power after a day of driving. A long-lasting and efficient GPS is all a driver needs to keep themselves safe from wandering into restricted territory or private property. There’s more here about navigation devices.


If you plan to travel with a few people, then you might need a really big car (or a pickup) to fit in an airbed. Travelling in your vehicle will most likely last several days or even weeks, so you want to make sure you get a good night’s rest. If you plan to sleep in your car, then make sure you have an airbed or something similar to give yourself somewhere comfortable to sleep. If an airbed won’t fit, then consider purchasing a neck pillow that wraps around your head so you have a soft and comfortable surface to lean your head on when you sleep in the car seat.

Source: Pexels

Portable Battery Bank

You’re going to need your phone to keep in touch with friends and you might need an iPod or something similar to play music while you’re in the car, so make sure those devices are charged. Carrying one or two portable battery banks is a good idea to ensure you have power wherever you go. Many portable battery banks also come with built-in flashlights for tough situations, such as repairing your vehicle in the dark or if the sun’s out and you’re having difficulty finding something in your car.

Repair Toolkit

You might want to brush up on your car maintenance knowledge because, in the wilderness, there’s no one to call when your car breaks down. Carry a spare tire, a car maintenance toolkit and a tire pressure gauge. Those are essential tools for car maintenance that, with a bit of practice and knowledge, will pull you through most bad situations until you get to a garage.