All Over The Repair Shop

Running a mechanic shop for car servicing and repairs can be an interesting field to choose to make your money in. There’s a lot of variety, especially if you offer services for more than one brand of car, and as long as you are doing solid work, you can usually be sure of a good customer base. But there are some things that you need to avoid to make a go of it in this industry. So read on to find out what they are

Don’t over price

The number one thing that you have to remember to do to have a successful business in this industry is to make sure that you prices are competitive.

It’s a big market out there, and if your costs are not in line with what others are charging in your area, then you can be setting yourself up for a fall. Especially if you are having to compete with household names.

Remember too that all of your customers deserve the same pricing and treatment. So don’t patronize female car owners, or new drivers just because you don’t expect them to know what they are talking about.

It can also help to run occasional special offers like tire checks to get customers in. Then you can show them the good quality of the work that you do, and that you can be trusted. Which will hopefully encourage them to book other things they need doing with you in the future.

Don’t misjudge deadlines

Most folks rely heavily on their cars. They are going to struggle to get to work, or the kids to school without them. That is why if you promise that it will be done by Friday. Make sure it is actually done by Friday!

Yes, I know that predicting how long a job will take, or a part will be until in comes in from the supplier isn’t exactly an exact science. But get the time the work, will be finished wrong too many times, and you are likely to have a very disgruntled customer that is going to take their business elsewhere.  

Don’t forget the paperwork

Something else that you need to avoid to run a successful car mechanic business is forgetting to do the office side of things. This means paperwork!

There ain’t too many folks that love to spend their time filling in forms and ordering stock, but it’s a vital part of this type of business that has to be done.

Also, don’t forget to have your own paperwork in order such as your trader’s insurances like the policy available from One Sure Insurance. As well as your employees work permits and qualification records.

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Don’t put all of your profits into tools

Lastly, it is very important, no vital, that you do not let yourself or your workers become too bewitched with all the beautiful tools and caddies that are on offer out there.

Of course, the SnapOn a man, and others like him are going to come around at some point, but remember the more of those you buy, the more it eats into your profits. Which is, after all, the reason that you set up the business to make in the first place!