Are You Tiring Out Your Tires Too Quickly?

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Tires can be expensive to replace. If you find you’re constantly burning through tires and having to buy replacements, it could be due to the way you’re driving or a fault within the car. Here are some ways that you could be wearing out your tires too quickly.

Racing starts

If you’re prone to accelerating at red lights and flooring it on the motorway, you’ll be burning up a lot of rubber. Ease up when using the gas and you may be less likely to grind away at those tires. If you use your vehicle for racing purposes, it could be worth upgrading to specialist racing tires.

Hard braking

Similarly, hard braking will help to wear out those tires too as well as your brake pads. This is particularly the case when the car is carrying a lot of weight. Brake earlier on top of accelerating more smoothly – basically everything you’d do to conserve fuel.

Underinflated tires

Underinflated tires will wear more easily. Not only that – one underinflated tire may put extra pressure on other tires causing them to also wear more quickly. Overinflated tires can also contribute to tire wear. Make sure that you’re filling your tires up with enough air to keep them firm, but not so much air that it has a negative effect.


A misaligned camber or misaligned toe can also cause certain tires to wear more quickly. This is likely to be noticeable if one wheel in particular seems to constantly be wearing down tires, or if tyres at the front or on one side only are wearing down. You may also notice it if the vehicle is pulling to one side slightly on straight roads. It’s worth seeking an auto repair service to look at your car to amend this problem. Misalignments can be dangerous in the long run as they could affect steering and braking capability in the event of an emergency.

The wrong type of rubber

You could be using the wrong type of tyre for the terrain you’re using. This is most common in drivers who have forgotten to take their winter tires off only for them to break away in the summer heat. If your vehicle regularly drives on rural lanes or even has to venture off-road, you may want to fit some all-terrain tires.

You’re buying cheap second-hand tires

Beware of used tires (commonly advertised as ‘partially worn’). These tires are cheap to buy, but you may make up costs by constantly having to get them replaced. New tires won’t just fix your tire replacement woes but they’ll also improve your quality of driving. The danger of constantly driving on partially worn tires is that you may also be doing damage to other parts such as brake pads and suspension as a result of putting more stress on these car parts.