Driving In Defence: How It’s Done

One of the best ways to avoid causing accidents and indeed accidents in general is to drive in a way that is deemed defensive. Aggressive driving, like speeding, overtaking, etc can lead to all kinds of issues and accidents that are of course completely avoidable. Here are some great defensive driving tips which can stop you causing any accidents and in turn avoid other kinds of altercations and crashes with other motorists. You may already do some of them, but try the others and see if your driving improves.


Speed is one of the biggest causes of accidents across the globe, which is why there are so many speed limits all over the place. They are, however, in some places loosely enforced which means people can pretty much speed as much as they want. It can be easy to be involved in an accident that wasn’t your own fault, and if you ever are you could visit juliejohnsonlaw.com for a chance of getting compensation. People usually speed, but it is the excessive speeding you want to avoid. Just think, the slower you go the less dangerous the crash will be if it happens. Keeping to safe speeds is one of the more important things you can do to drive defensively.


Maintain A Decent Distance

Don’t get too close to the car in front. It isn’t fair on them and could cause a crash if they ever have to slam the breaks on suddenly. It all depends on the speed you’re going but try to give them at least two seconds of drive time. If cars are more spaced out there is less chance of other vehicles getting drawn into any kind of collisions. If someone is doing it to you try not to panic. Just maintain your speed and they should overtake. If you believe they aren’t going to overtake consider pulling over and letting them pass. Not everyone drives defensively and avoiding these people can help you and your passengers stay safe.

Be Aware

Remember how nervous you were when you first started your driving lessons? Remember how often you used to look in the mirrors and around you at all times? Try to get back into the habit of checking your mirrors more often. It can help stop some nasty incidents. It doesn’t just apply to the mirrors though, try to just look around more often, check your blind spot when you get the chance and always look ahead. It is easy to get stuck into the habit of keeping an eye on the person in front of you and braking when they break, but if you look ahead you may be able to react far more quickly if you see an incident instead of relying on another driver who could be distracted.

Keep Calm

Do not react to another driver’s aggressiveness. Stay calm and just ignore them. Everybody makes mistakes. If you react in an equally aggressive manner then the situation can get way worse and you may have to get the police involved. Just stay calm, apologise if you have too. They’re the ones making a fool out of themselves.