Failure To Start – The Top Reasons You Are Failing Your Car

Your car is an easy thing to neglect. In the midst of the rush of modern life, it’s the thing that takes you from A to B. That’s it.

That’s a lie, though. The truth is your car is a complex working of mechanisms that need to be treated right at all times, otherwise the car is going to fail.

Now, there’s a number of reasons you are failing your car and this may be news to you. Let’s take a look.



Neglecting your car can lead to all sorts of awfulness and there is no excuse if you’re a car owner. You need to know how your car works. You need to realize what the clutch actually does. You need to understand how your car moves and what each part does. If you can understand the theory behind the motion of your car, you’ll be more reactive when something breaks down in the vehicle and even if you don’t know how to repair it, knowing where the fault lies in your car is going to help you a lot.

Neglecting to change items on your car like the tyres and the brake pads is unforgivable. Faults to these two mechanics can cause death in serious instances. Don’t hesitate to change the brake pads and tyres on your car when signs of wear and tear are clear.

If you are struggling to understand your car, speaking to auto repair mechanics can help you identify serious issues with your vehicle. Learn from any mistakes made and understand what can go wrong with your car.


Dirt is a serious factor in failing your car. Not only can dirt in the interior of your car cause an uncomfortable ride – dirt in the workings can stop it from driving at all.

Think of the engine and the oil in the engine. The engine oil runs around the engine keeping the moving parts lubricated so the parts do not succumb to friction and subsequent failure.

If your engine oil is dirty, it’s not only going to dry out, it’s going to get dirt and grime stuck within the inner workings of your engine. This is bad and will create the friction that the engine needs to stop working. Change the oil regularly.

A good clean of your car’s exterior every so often will prevent the buildup of dirt and rust – meaning you don’t have to worry about driving a scrap heap around.

Failure To Plan:

You need to plan ahead with your car. The winter months can bring some serious damage to your vehicle. Keep an emergency kit in the trunk of your car to dig you out when needed and keep your car topped up with anti-freeze.

Also, if you aren’t going to drive your car in a while – keep it stored well. This includes keeping it covered up well and making sure it can run occasionally – keep that battery ticking over!

Don’t let you car down!