Getting Your Teen Their First Car

As soon as your kids are old enough to drive (so the law says); it can be a stressful and worrying time for any parent. However, it’s the only way that they’re going to begin the process of growing up, and getting out there to see the world a bit more. As long as your teenager has passed their test, and been out on several occasions where you’ve accompanied them on the road; they should be in a position where they can be trusted to drive from A to B unassisted. Therefore, it’ time that they had their own car so that they can learn the costs of fuel and maintenance, and take on extra responsibility. Whether you’re buying them a vehicle as a birthday treat, they’re paying part of the cost, or your teen has saved enough cash to get themselves a car; you’ll need to ensure that it’s a suitable vehicle that they’ll be safe driving.

There will be several things to consider when you head out with your kid to go and get their first car, so it’s worth making a list or a mental note of the things you should look out for, and preparing for a variety of situations after they’ve driven it home. Don’t sort everything out as a parent yourself; you need to teach your teenager what they need to do regarding their car going forward so that they become responsible vehicle owners and safe drivers for the years on the road they have ahead. The following are some ideas and advice for parents who are about to get their teen their first set of wheels and want to make their life of driving as positive and safe as possible.

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Prepare For Mistakes

As a novice driver and having never owned a car before; be prepared for your teenager to make mistakes in regards to driving and taking care of their vehicle. You may have to prepare to contact automotive locksmith services or roadside assistance on more than one occasion, so make sure that you have the details stored, and so does your kid; it’ll make things easier when issues arise. Make sure that their car insurance is up to date and that your teen understands the cost; if they have to pay for it, they’re more likely to take better care on the roads.

Do Everything Together At least Once

Whether your kid decides to get on the highway for the first time, wants to go and fill the tank up with fuel, or decides that their car needs valeting; you’ll need to go along for the ride on the first occasion. Driving and car maintenance are a constant lesson, so ensure that you’ve taught your kid about each aspect, before they try to do things alone. They might not be happy about having their parent escort them to places, but make it part of the rules before you go and pick up their new car together. Teaching your teen and watching them learn will also give you peace of mind, and you’ll worry (a bit) less when they’re driving alone in the future.