Going Too Fast: Why Driving Slowly Is Always a Better Choice

Whether you drive a fancy sports car that cost you a fortune or a humble budget family car that you bought from a second-hand dealership, there are some driving rules that are universal and apply to everyone. For instance, indicating where you go, letting others know if you need to make an emergency stop and also keeping your headlights on when you drive at night. These are very simple and straightforward rules, but there is one rule that people seem to forget after they pass their driving test: drive slowly.

Alright, so you may be thinking “Why? I own a new Lamborghini Huracán Spyder, I shouldn’t have to go slow!”. Well, apart from the obvious problem of getting a speeding ticket, there are many reasons why you should drive slowly no matter what position you are in or what kind of car you own. It might sound counterintuitive at times and you might hate the idea of driving slowly in your luxury car, but here are a few reasons why it will always be the smart choice.

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Preventing accidents

Driving fast, no matter what kind of vehicle you own, is asking for a personal injury lawyer. Motoring accidents can be fatal or extremely damaging to everyone involved—and it’s not just physical either. There are many underlying mental issues that could spring up from a horrible accident and they’re not easy to wipe away. Thankfully, there are people to help you out in the event of an accident, but by driving slowly, you drastically reduce the chances of ending up in an accident. A small difference of just 5 MPH could mean the difference between life and death if you collide into a cyclist. Drive slowly, stay safe, and prevent as many accidents as possible.

Reduce running costs

We all know that driving in the city is a quick way to empty your gas tank, so why do you still use city-driving strategies? Stopping and starting suddenly because you want to get from one traffic stop to another is pointless and will drastically reduce your fuel efficiency. Instead, save fuel by driving slowly and accelerating and decelerating gently. Pay no attention to people on the road that want to speed down a small stretch to the next traffic stop and drive slowly to save money.

Remove distractions

By driving slowly, you reduce the chances that a distraction could steal your attention away. When you drive quickly, there are many other factors such as your speed and drivers in front of you that could cloud your judgement. Instead of doing this, focus on driving slowly so that there is less to think about overall. Don’t rush to your destination and instead, take it easy so that you don’t end up stressed out or injured when you reach your destination.

It’s not that much faster

By driving at the speed limit instead of going a little slower, you essentially reach your destination a couple of minutes quicker if it’s far away. However, if it’s a short trip to the grocery store or school which doesn’t take long at all, then there is very little reason to drive faster. You’re not racing for split-second times, you’re just getting from point A to B and adding an extra minute or two to your travel time is nothing.