Got A Need For Speed? Here’s 5 Customizations To Improve Your Car’s Performance


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One of the great things about owning a car is the tweaks you can make to it. There are all kinds of things you can change to make your car feel like a whole new vehicle. Paint jobs and new rims can spruce up your vehicle’s appearance. However, the best customizations are the ones that will upgrade your vehicle’s performance.

There are many components on your vehicle you can change to improve performance. You can make driving faster, acceleration sharper, and get an all-around smoother ride. It’s a great way to make your car feel like a real machine. Here are some of the best customizations you can make to improve your vehicle’s performance.


The transmission of your car controls how fast your wheels are going at any given time. Essentially, they allow you to change gears to dictate the performance. You can have manual transmissions or auto transmissions which control gear shifts for you.

Many people like to alter their car to integrate a high-performance transmission. It can be a challenging project, and it’s not recommended for every car. Companies like can help you with repair and replacement needs.

You can find parts to change your transmission online. Transmissions designed for performance will make your car run a lot faster and smoother.


One of the simplest ways to upgrade your car’s performance is a change of tires. Your car’s performance starts with the wheels, so changing up the rubber can have significant benefits.

Wider tires are recommended since they can improve handling greatly. Strong, durable tires will also need to be replaced less often, so this can be a smart investment. This is especially true for all-terrain vehicles.

You’ll feel the difference when driving with better tires. Turning and handling will feel much smoother, and your car will be prepared to take on more terrains.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system of your car affects the performance in multiple ways. Having waste gasses built up in your car can clog up the engine and reduce the vehicle’s performance. A high-performance exhaust system will get rid of them with speed and efficiency.

A performance exhaust will give your car a serious gain in horsepower and torque. You’ll feel a significant change in speed and acceleration by altering your exhaust system. It’s a great alteration for performance. However, some people steer away from performance exhausts due to the loud, growling noises they emit. can teach you more about the best exhausts.


A better suspension system makes your car handle a lot better. You’ll be able to turn sharp corners and go over bumps without slowing down. It also makes driving significantly more comfortable.

Many people turn to custom suspension systems to upgrade their vehicle’s performance. You’ll usually need an experienced car engineer to uphaul your suspension.

Reduce Weight

Sometimes to improve your car’s speed, acceleration, and handling, all you need to do is remove some weight. This is the easiest way to make your car more aerodynamic.

There are plenty of weight reduction methods for your vehicle. If you aren’t planning on using your back seats, you can remove them. You can replace components for lighter ones, such as lightweight alloys. Even just cleaning out the trunk can make you drive a little faster.