How To Drive Down Prices On Your New Car

Obviously, when you are looking to replace your old car, saving money will be right at the forefront of your mind. This is one of the biggest investments that you will make, and let’s face it, a very important on! And there are a few more ways of saving money than simply haggling with the salesperson at the showroom. Follow a few simple steps and you are much more likely to save a packet.

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Think About Investing in a Previous Model

Ask when the current version of the car you are after debuted. Then ask yourself if you really need the very latest incarnation of what is essentially a very similar car. Rather than going straight for the 2017 model, you could instead choose a model from previous years which may well include a lot of the same features. You may well get a used model with a certified previous model (CPO) scheme, with manufacturers offering significantly cheaper cars that have been reconditioned by trained technicians and also offer a generous warranty.

Sell the Old Car Yourself

Dealerships are often keen to take your old car as part of the transaction, in many cases offering you a bad deal compared to if you actually sell the car yourself. Obviously, this takes a lot more effort as you will have to go through the process of finding a buyer, but if savings are your goal, this is probably the route you want to go down. Dealers tend to offer you the lowest price possible, while then going to an auction to make a tidy profit on your old car.

Shop Around For A Deal

As with any purchase you make, shopping around will give you a better idea of the marketplace and increase your chances of getting a good deal. When you know more prices, you are also in a stronger position to be able to negotiate with sellers. The same goes for the time when it comes to finding very cheap car insurance with low deposit on your new car. Some less reputable dealers will try to throw all sorts of added extras your way when you don’t really need them.

Target Mid-Level Models

Do you really need to go for the model at the very top of the market? It is a question that is worth asking yourself as you could well end up paying up to 50 percent more. A lot of the time, manufacturers try to draw you in with fancy features when you are still getting pretty much the same car. If you are looking to save money, try to go for the mid-level models.

Buy From Dealer Stock

Of course, you are choosing from what the dealer ordered, but there is a lot more flexibility on cars that are already there. Before you do decide to place a special order, make sure you have checked all dealerships within a reasonable distance to find out if they have something that already comes close to your specifications.