How To Stop A Car Crash From Also Being A Financial Blow

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If you come out of a car crash with minimal injuries you should be very thankful. However, even if you’re lucky enough to escape the physical damage, few are able to escape the financial damage that a car crash can cause. If it’s not your fault, the insurance companies should pay up. However, if you were responsible, whether you scraped another car or accidentally rode your front bumper into a tree trunk, you are going to have to face up to the costs. Luckily there are ways to cut corners. Here are some costs to consider.

Cheaper to replace than repair?

I know that throwaway culture isn’t encouraged, but if you’re fifteen-year-old Fiat isn’t going to cost more to repair than replace I wouldn’t look down at you for choosing the latter option. You may have to downgrade a bit, or save up first for a new vehicle and take public transport in the meantime. Scrapyards will pay for your vehicle so that you get some cash towards a new car.

Alternatively, if costs to repairs are less, consider the fact that you may be able to sell the car once it’s fixed and make more money.

Can you make a claim?

If insurance are refusing to pay and you believe yourself to be in the right, it may be worth hiring a car accident lawyer to ensure you get your money. You may also be able to make a personal injury claim, even if there was no other vehicle or person present at the crash. An obstacle in the road such as a sandbank or roadworks that wasn’t signposted or botch mechanical job could have caused you to crash – both good reasons to make a claim and make some money from your misfortune.

Take a safe driving course/install a black box

After being involved in a crash, the cost of your insurance will inevitably go up. However, there are ways you can lower the cost back down again, specifically if you prove that you are a safe driver. There are various driving awareness causes that can help you achieve this. New drivers may be worth taking a motorway test, if you haven’t already. Then there’s the most extreme method, which is to buy a black box. This records all your speed, which means you’ll have to drive carefully. However, having one installed also significantly reduces the cost of insurance.

Whilst your car is being fixed – don’t rent another car

Once you start driving, sometimes all other forms of transport can seem obsolete. It’s for this reason that some drivers feel the need to rent another car whilst their damaged vehicle is being fixed. Car rentals are notoriously expensive – consider whether you really need a car for the following few days or weather public transport is cheaper. If you’ve got a bike, you can always cycle. Any good boss will be understanding if you’re late the first day because you have to adjust. Just don’t waste your money on a rental car if you don’t need to.