Living A Greener Life: Should You Get An Electric Car?

One of the biggest debates in the motoring industry at the moment is how to become more energy efficient. We all know that the world is slowly but surely running out of fossil fuels – which means that we as an industry need to change and adapt in order to survive past a certain point. One of the solutions to this problem of fuel sources and climate change (let’s face it, many cars aren’t great for the environment) is electric cars – but many of us are still very wary of them. So is an electric car worth it? Here are some pros and cons to think about…

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PRO: Electric cars are good for the environment as you no longer need petrol or gas, which means that you aren’t either using up fossil fuels or creating any nasty fumes that are bad for the atmosphere. Not having to pay for gas means that your bills relating to your car will go down – although you should bear in mind that you will still, of course, have to pay for the electricity that you use to charge it.

CON: You’ll have to install a charger in your garage or wherever you keep your car so that you can charge it. Electric vehicle (EV) charger installation can be pricey but it’s a one time fee that could be offset by not having to pay for gas over the upcoming years. You can also charge your car at work or public charging stations – although you’ll have to make a mental note of where they actually are in your local area.

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PRO: Electric cars are easy to maintain – after all, they don’t require oil changes as their engines don’t use oil to lubricate. Brakes also won’t wear out as easily so you won’t have to replace the brake pads, and other parts of the engine will last for longer.

CON: If you want to travel over a long distance, you might feel a little too anxious to rely on your electric car in case you don’t find a charging station anywhere en route. A lot of electric cars promise up to seventy five miles but if you’re going on a longer journey than that, you might decide to take your traditional gas car instead.

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PRO: Electric cars are basically silent in comparison to a traditional gas powered car, meaning that you’ll have a smoother drive and that your music will sound better when you’re singing along as you drive (although being able to hear your own singing voice more clearly might not be so much of an advantage…)

CON: Electric vehicles are usually pretty pricey – but we all know that as time goes by and technology becomes more accessible and common, it also becomes cheaper. As it requires less maintenance than a traditional car and you no longer have to worry about fuel costs, it may actually become cheaper over time.

MAJOR PRO: More than anything else, remember that you’re helping the environment if you get an electric car – this is generally what your decision to get an electric vehicle should hinge on.