Mercedes Maintenance: Taking Care Of Your Dream Car

There’s a common misconception that quality vehicles, like Mercedes, will run forever. While Mercedes models do have the ability to run for many years, thanks to their stellar designs and quality fixtures and fittings, they do need high-quality care to do so. A mistake that a lot of Mercedes owners make is once their warranty has run out, only taking their vehicle into the garage when a problem arises, not for regular checkups.

Drivers that fail to give their Mercedes (or any make and model vehicle for that matter) regular care should realize that their vehicles are unlikely to stand the test of time. For a vehicle to run well, regardless of how well-designed it is, it needs to be properly looked after. Think of your Mercedes like the human body; without regular medical checkups and treatments for any problems that occur, the human body loses its ability to function properly, and a Mercedes is the same.

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By being proactive about a vehicle’s care and maintenance, you can increase its life expectancy, which is why car care should never be skipped, especially when your car is a make and model that you’ve dreamed your whole adult life of owning. Wondering how you can ensure that your Mercedes stands the test of time? Read on for all the best Mercedes car care hacks…

Schedule annual services

The best piece of advice for keeping any vehicle in tip-top shape is the simplest: schedule your Mercedes for an annual service. Don’t skip services, because that’s how problems arise. Having your vehicle serviced once a year means that any problems should be picked up early enough to deal with them, instead of them becoming a more serious issue. To ensure that your vehicle gets the best care, it’s recommended that you use a specialist Mercedes garage, such as Euro Motorsport Mercedes mechanic. As that way, you can make sure that your Mercedes always receives the very best levels of care.

Keep an eye on the oil

The oil in a vehicle is what lubricates the engine, which is why dirty oil can cause such serious problems for a car – because it ends up all in the engine and other vital mechanical parts. For your car to run effectively, having clean oil is vital. Clean oil protects your engine and other parts by forming a barrier, but when it’s dirty, it can scratch and cause damage to these parts. If you don’t keep your oil clean, may find your Mercedes spluttering and struggling to start and drive effectively. For a Mercedes that’s in tip-top shape, an oil change every 5000 miles is recommended or an oil-change every six months, whichever comes first.

Take care of the cooling system

A cooling system that isn’t in proper shape can cause corrosion and debris to occur within it, which is why it’s so vital that your Mercedes’s cooling system is properly taken care of. The key to taking care of a vehicle’s cooling system is simple: a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water. It’s also vital that the coolant level is checked regularly and topped up when required. Depending on the Mercedes model that you have, you may be able to check the coolant system on your dashboard – some models have a symbol that turns red when the vehicle’s coolant levels are low.

There you have it, a guide to the ins and outs of Mercedes maintenance, and how to ensure that your dream car has the longest life possible. You didn’t spend thousands on a Mercedes for it to give up the ghost after only running for a few years, did you?