No Fuss Road Safety: Keeping A Clean Licence

You jump into your shiny, brand spanking new sports car. It really is a beauty and you can’t wait to test drive it as soon as you can. You know it will glide down the roads with ease and the power steering is unlike any other car you have ever driven. This is the ultimate treat to yourself so you want to make the most of it and hit the highway right now. Before you rush into anything you need to be aware of a few things. Getting a new car is exhilarating and gives you a rush of adrenaline, but you mustn’t forget the rules of the road. Staying safe and keeping a clean licence is important if you need to drive for work or if you rely on your car for transportation every day. Before you hastily set off in your fresh wheels make sure you’re up to speed.

Always Aware

There are a lot of practical road safety issues that lessons don’t even teach you. Becoming an experienced and confident driver takes time, so don’t be too speedy when it comes to driving long distances on your own. Remember that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Even if it’s not entirely your fault you can still get the brunt of it if you go into the back of another car or you hit a pedestrian.

Having confidence in yourself as a driver isn’t always enough to keep a clean slate. Being aware of other drivers and people around you is often more important. You need to maintain a constant awareness of the dangers that could fall in front of you. Motorbikes, cyclists, children and buses are all dangers on the roads which could cause a serious accident if you’re not paying attention. To keep yourself and your licence clean keep your eyes wide open and be aware of your surroundings. Never drive when you feel tired or if you’ve taken medication which might make you feel drowsy.

Image: Pixabay

Don’t Let The Social’s Bring You Down

It’s all fun and games to have a drink with your colleagues after work, but one too many could see you in serious trouble. Unless you have a decent DUI Attorney lined up, it is strongly suggested that you never drink an alcoholic beverage if you’re intending to drive that day. Even if you only live down the road from the bar, if you’re involved in any form of collision or incident you may be tested for alcohol in your system. Stay clean and sober and opt for lemonade if you’re behind the wheel.

Say No To Tech On The Road

Phones are a part of our everyday lives, but need to be turned off or locked away as soon as you get in the driver’s seat. You can get a fine or points on your licence if you’re caught using mobile technology whilst you’re driving a car. If you need to answer a call or send an urgent text all you need to do is pull over at the nearest safe place. It is only safe to use technology when you are parked and your engine is completely turned off.

So don’t get yourself into a pickle with your new ride. Enjoy it and be free, but don’t forget the fundamental rules of road safety.