Pickup Your Perceptions About Trucks


When it comes to our vehicles, humans often don’t realize how much we treat them as we do people or pets. You may or may not have named your car, and you probably wouldn’t tell anyone if you had, but let’s be honest: we can be sentimental about our motor vehicles in a way which, technically, a few tons of metal and rubber may not merit.

We can all accept that as a truth. Further, we can all accept that this extends to how we treat certain types of vehicle. If you’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you may recognize the idea of Cameron’s Dad (even though he never appears on screen). He’s a perfect example of a certain kind of person: those that have one classic car they never drive, for fear of “hurting” it. They pamper that car in a way that most of us only reserve for the love bestowed on our first born.

Do you know what type of vehicle never gets that kind of love? The pickup truck. It has been keeping America working for decades: plumbers, builders, farmers, and more swear by pickups as a primary part of their business. Maybe because these vehicles are such workhorses, we think nothing of throwing tools or rubble into the back and driving off. But would we ever valet them? For most of us, that would be like giving a weightlifter a manicure.

Workhorses Need Love Too

The truth is, we have a tendency to see a tougher vehicle as being capable to take anything we throw at it. By and large, that’s probably true, but at the same time it’s important to realize that these are finely tuned machines. Like any other kind of vehicle, they will need some TLC if they show signs of problems.

For example: if your F-150 is spluttering, that’s not just to be expected of a vehicle that does a lot of work; it means you need to find yourself to someone who specializes in Ford truck repairs so you can discover what the problem is. You might be putting your truck through a lot, but that doesn’t mean you have to shrug off any imperfections that crop up. If you wouldn’t accept an issue in an expensive supercar, then don’t accept it in your truck.

Is It Rugged Charm – Or Is It Decay?

Chances are, if you’re the kind of person who drives a pickup truck, you aren’t the type of person who is overly bothered by the idea of a sparkling paint job. A few dents are war wounds; expected, easily ignored.

The problem with this way of looking at things is that a scratch here or a paint flaking off there may be the first step towards rust. Rust may look aged, but it will affect both the durability and the stability of the ride. Don’t dismiss small problems as being part of the overall charm, almost as if they are part of the character of owning this type of vehicle – maintenance is still going to be required. This isn’t about style over substance when it comes to superficial flaws; it’s about keeping you on the road.