Reverse Your Car Damage, And Save Yourself Some Money!

While we all love our cars like it is our only child, we don’t look after them like we would a child! We easily wear the clutch out or being so keen to get home in a hurry means that we’ve accidentally revved it a couple of times, and you’ll pay the price for it, quite literally! A visit to the mechanics down the line will cost you an arm and a leg for minor car issues. So what can you do to avoid being on first name terms with your mechanic?

Don’t Ride The Clutch!

Very simply, by using it to coast by keeping it partially pressed down, especially on hills, you could wear it out easily within a year. Instead, by making your gear changes more gradual and judging your distances better, you can plan ahead by changing down much more smoothly. Yes, it’s only a couple of seconds each time, but each grinding of the gears will make the car wear down.

Keep Your Exterior Superior

While the engine and the interiors are important, the value of the car can deteriorate quickly by not cleaning it regularly. For example, pigeon “waste” can take the color off! So get some wax, and get a pressure washer to blast off any sticky gunk. Look at to get an idea of what type to get. Also, a handy tip for getting rid of dents, use a plunger to remove it, or if that doesn’t work, use a blow-dryer to heat up the metal in the problem area. As metal expands when heat is applied to it, you can “pop” the dent out.

Cold Play…

Knowing how to play ball with your vehicle in extreme cold and heat will give you a better handle on looking after it properly. Extreme heat will cause issues to you velour and interior lining, so park your car in the shade where you can or put a sunshade in the window. If you live in areas rife with snow, be sure to check the undercarriage when you’ve driven on rough terrain because grit, mud, and dried dirt can play havoc with it.

 It’s The Little Things!

You’ve got to get into the habit of making regular checks on your vehicle. Check the oil, check the tire pressure, check the coolant, check the headlamps for oxidization, clutch fluid, brake fluid… and get some basic equipment so you can do all these easily and without fuss. One of the main reasons for constant visits to the mechanic is little maintenance issues that can build up over time. By spotting a problem early enough, it will also save you money. You may think that it’s expensive to replace one tire, but it will cost you more to replace four! The little things aren’t just to do with your car, it’s your driving habits too! Are there places where you rev, or you don’t handle certain corners with much efficiency? It all adds up. So get up to speed, and you can avoid the mechanic.