Safety Tips Every New Driver Must Learn Outside Of Lessons


Becoming a competent and skilled driver is a journey that follows you throughout your entire life. Even if you have passed your driving test recently with flying colors, you still have a ways to go before you can consider yourself an experienced and reliable driver. This isn’t to denigrate you, this attitude (if kept) can help you stay wise on the roads throughout your entire life. After all, you are only as good as the drive you are currently taking part in. The most skilled drivers, even those who drive professionally for a living, are still able to become the victim of an accident.

Your driving lessons and tests, while stringent, do not prepare you for every sort of road situation. You will be learning to drive to a degree for your entire life, as previously explained. Our guide should help you learn some of those more easily, some which might not have been taught to you already.

Learn To Identify Dangerous Drivers

It’s important to keep a keen awareness of the road you occupy at all times. It’s likely you already understand this, and think it obvious. Part of this means identifying when someone is driving recklessly.  This could be through very subtle weaving which signifies inebriation, to a wheel rotating oddly, showing something is loose. Try to make sure if people in front of your are signalling effectively, and if not keep an even greater distance from them.

Those riding your tailgate in an effort to make you speed should also be noticed, although responding to this with rage can put you in danger. Learn to both care about other drivers on the road, but to also make your presence known, stable and calm. This means that in crunch time, when accidents are occurring or dangerous, reckless driving is an issue, you will have the means to evade it successfully.

Know Accident Procedure

No one would like to prepare for a car accident, because they hope and believe it will not happen to them. We’d argue that 99% of people involved in car accidents believe it won’t happen to them also. That means when it does, it’s important to know accident procedure. If you are unharmed, it’s important to assess where you are, and how the crash has damaged your vehicle.

Next, you must check those your car. If they are fine, and you are safe to exit the vehicle, you should do with the greatest care. Without getting angry (emotional control is the mark of a great driver,) calmly move over to the other drivers window and check their health. If they are harmed, call an ambulance immediately as well as highway patrol. If not, begin exchanging information. Playing the blame game is unfruitful, no matter how angry the other person is. Collect evidence with your camera or phone, because insurance companies will desire this above all else. Find any witnesses and their contact information. No matter how fine you feel, you should also head to the hospital and get an overall checkup of your health. Sometimes medical issues aren’t immediately apparent. Next, contact a reputable car accident attorney for help from the first stage of the accident.

With these simple steps, you will find your accident and legal activity after to be resolved in an acceptable manner.

Set A Social Example

When you get that first taste of freedom with a new license and car, you want to drive the entire breadth of the Earth. More importantly, you want to drive with all of your friends in your vehicle. The words ‘road trip?’ will often be text to you. There’s nothing wrong with this. You should enjoy your new automotive freedom however that pleases you, provided it’s safe. Of course, that’s the kicker.

It’s easy to become the designated driver, especially if your friends aren’t currently driving. If you head out on a night out drinking, and you’ve agreed to drive people home, then you should stay away from drinking. You need to set a social example. This means that when your friends begin driving you will have set a social standard. If your friends are already driving and less responsible, you can serve as a positive influence on the group. Your safety, your insurance, your parent’s care and most importantly, the lives of other road users should never be impacted by recklessness. Learn this as objectively as you know the existence of gravity, and you’ll be worthy of your license.

With these tips, your driving career will get off to the best start possible.