Seatbelts On! Protecting Yourself And Your Car

Here’s a question. If you’re driving around in a car (we don’t need to say expensive, all cars are of pretty steep cost – especially if you’ve got a good vehicle), why would you put it at risk?


Many people can answer it, but drivers are still taking many liberties when they are out on the road. Cars are getting bumped, people are getting hurt, and worst of all deaths resulting from road traffic accidents are on the rise according to TIME magazine who had this to say:

“Nearly 19,100 people have died on U.S. roads since January, and 2.2 million have been injured, the report said, as a stronger economy and lower unemployment rates combined with lower average gas prices to put more drivers on the road this year.”

More drivers? Not to scare you, but that means more risk of a collision. Sometimes, accidents will not be your fault, but there are plenty of ways you can protect yourself and prevent an incident from occurring. The simplest way to protect yourself is to wear a seatbelt, but there are other ways to avoid incidents altogether

Firstly, don’t drive with distractions. Looking at a phone or blasting music might get you hurt. If your focus is elsewhere, even on something in your mind, leave it be and focus on the road. The reason you are on the road is to travel, not to text someone or rock out. If you’re distracted when you are driving, you’re chancing it, and you do not want to leave events on the road up to chance. You need to be in charge, so lock the distractions away – either physically or mentally, or you’ll require the services of a car accident lawyer, sooner or later.

Secondly, don’t even think about driving when intoxicated. There are amazing arguments in defense of drugs and what have you, but there’s no excuse for not being in the right frame of mind behind the wheel and no amount of research you did on the internet about the drugs you’ve taken will save you from the law. Don’t chance it, don’t do it. This goes for alcohol, which is a horrific substance to combine with driving.

Another way to prevent accidents is to not drive when tired. You may as well be drunk as your reaction speeds will be slow and your mind will be dulled. In fact, don’t get behind the wheel when things aren’t normal for you. Drinking, lack of sleep and drugs can end up putting you in serious harm.

Of course, look after your car as well. The workings and mechanics of your car can ruin things, even if you’re driving in good condition. Prevent an engine failure by changing the oil of your car. What’s more, if your tyres are worn, change them. Your car needs to be kept in the best condition possible and if things fail, the best-case scenario is that your car stops. The worst is that it will collide with another car. Protect yourself, your car and others by taking simple actions.