Signs It’s Time to Service Your Vehicle

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When you’re a car owner, it really pays to get to know your car like the back of your hand. When you know all your vehicle’s little foibles, you’ll be able to identify when something is really wrong.

If you’re not intimately in tune with your vehicle just yet, here are a few signs that it could be time to service your car to get you started:

The Engine Warning Light is On

I can’t count how many people I’ve known who’ve completely ignited their engine warning light right until their car has broken down on the highway. Let them be a lesson to you and pay attention to that very obvious sign that there could be something bad going on with your vehicle. I mean, you can’t get a much better signal that your car is in trouble than the vehicle actually telling you there’s something wrong, can you?

Unusual Noises

Most of us who’ve been driving the same car for a while will have noticed those little noises that our cars make, and we know that they’re nothing to worry about, but if a new noise enters the picture, and it doesn’t sound good, it could be time to find your nearest Toyota service center and have it checked out, especially if you’re hearing whining noises coming from the engine or your exhaust has suddenly gotten really loud.

You See Smoke

I shouldn’t really have to point this out, but you’d be shocked how many people try to keep driving their vehicle after they’ve just watched smoke rise up from the bonnet. Not only is that very stupid, but it’s potentially very dangerous too. Smoke and steam could point to something serious like an engine malfunction or a car that is overheating, and you need to pull over immediately and take your car to the shop as soon as you are able.

Bad Vibrations

If you’re feeling bad vibrations, whether they be a massive shudder or a tiny movement that you don’t usually experience when driving your vehicle, it’s time to call a mechanic. More often than not, a loose bit of plastic or something equally harmless will be to blame, but there’s also a very real possibility that your tyres are worn out, or your joint bearings have gotten loose.

Things Have Started to Get Uncomfortable

If your once comfy ride has started to hurt because your car is riding so low that your wheel arches are literally scraping against your tyres, you need to see a mechanic because your car could be under too much stress, or the suspension’s gone and there’s a very real danger that you could get into an accident.

You No Longer Have the Power

If, when driving your vehicle, you’ve started to notice that you’re not getting as far on your tank of gas as you usually do, it could be that your brake is sticking or your tyre pressure needs looking at. Of course, over time your engine will stop working efficiently on its own, but this should not be until your car has reached average age.

When do you know it’s time to have your car serviced?