Stay Safe On The Road, Avoiding Awful Drivers


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Do you ever consider how dangerous driving actually is? Let’s think about this for the moment, because we’re not just talking about the fact that you could crash. You have to think about the other people on the road as well. Can you trust them all? Probably not actually because, and this is true, most of them are criminals.

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not suggesting the roads are filled with thieves and crooks. You can, however, guarantee that some of the people driving past on the road don’t have insurance. Others will be intoxicated or if you live in Cali, flying high! Then there are those who are simply bad drivers. A third of people would fail their driving test if they had to take it again right now. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? When you’re on the roads, you’re surrounding by the irresponsible and the idiotic. How can you possible avoid all these dangers?

Is He Swerving? I Think he’s Swerving

It might sound like paranoia but if you notice a car in front swerving, take your foot off the pedal. Ease back a little and give them some room because there are a few reasons a car would swerve and none of them are good. DWI lawyers at Scheiner Law and other firms have heard countless accounts of their intoxicated clients swerving on the road. If you think there is even the possibility that the driver in front of you is intoxicated, stay away from them. If they crash, they could easily take you down with them. Other causes of swerving could be a lack of attention. If you’re looking at your phone, the car will swerve because you won’t be in complete control. As such, you need to watch for the signs that you’re following or close to a dangerous driver. Knowing the signs could save your life.


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I’m Great Driver, So I Can Drive Faster

Interestingly, most people feel the laws of the road are in place to stop them from hurting themselves. That’s probably not true. You see most people on the road are good drivers, and a lot of them could handle driving at speeds faster than the limit. Unfortunately, there will be other people who can’t. Worse than that they could make a mistake while you’re driving at high speed and cause you to crash. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that being a great driver means you can drive how you like. This will only work on a race track. Anywhere else and you’ll have to deal with people who aren’t quite as skilled as you.

These Are Mad Times…

There are times when the roads are far more dangerous because there are people in a rush to get places. On the first day of summer, the roads will be packed with people trying to get to the airport and head on holiday. These people are in a rush, and rushing makes them careless. If you want our advice, just avoid driving at times like this through the year. Book your holiday a little later, and you’ll avoid the crazy people on the road.


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