Stop! Think! Live! Your Guide to Being a Better Driver

You have to understand the importance of being safe and responsible on the roads. Do you know the figures for how many car accidents occur each year? Well, last year almost 19,000 people were killed on the roads in a six month period. This is the highest figure since 2007, so you can see that the problem is actually getting worse not better.



So why are so many of us bad drivers? Well, maybe we aren’t. Maybe we’re just lazy, ignorant, or we think the rules don’t apply. In a sense, this is worse because we should know better. But, the silver lining is that it means we can do something about it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to be a better driver.

Put the Phone Away

Texting and driving are the new drink driving. So many people these days are using their phones while behind the wheel. And this is a recipe for disaster because it’s leading to more and more accidents. Don’t let yourself become a victim of the latest text and drive craze sweeping the nation. You have to be focused and disciplined behind the wheel in order to avoid accidents and crashes. Don’t take out your phone when you’re driving. If you have to make or take an emergency call, then you should put it on speakerphone, or get someone else to make the call for you. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be using your phone at all in any way.

Don’t Drink

It goes without saying, and yet we constantly have to give the same advice. People understand the dangers of drinking and driving, and yet they still insist on doing it. This is one of the most irresponsible and stupid things a person can do. Driving drunk impairs your reflexes and abilities. It can lead to devastating accidents and crashes and can ruin people’s lives. The last thing you want is to wind up having to hire a DUI attorney to deal with your lawsuit. So don’t even put yourself in the position where you’re taking this risk. Instead, if you know you’re going to have a drink when you’re out, make sure you leave your keys at home. Don’t even bother taking them with you. Seriously, it’s not worth it, and that way you remove the temptation.

Music Off

It might surprise you to discover how much of an issue music can be when you’re driving. You need to start looking at how to prevent yourself from getting distracted when you drive. And one of the big ways of achieving this is to make sure you have music off. Give yourself the best possible chance to focus on your driving and pay attention to what the roads are like. Being attentive and concentrating are the best ways of ensuring you can remain safe on the roads and make yourself a better driver.

You have to stop putting yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel. This is something that too many people end up doing these days. You should be able to drive safely on the roads, and not be at risk of accidents. Use this guide as tips to help you be safer on the roads.