The Best New Cars For New Drivers


Have you just passed your driving test? If so, congratulations! Now comes a difficult decision – deciding which car to buy! There are loads of cars out there on the market right now, and there are more and more being released every few weeks. You might find that you are completely spoiled for choice!

Struggling to decide which car is best for you as a new driver? Here are some of the safest and most reliable autos out there at the moment.

Ford Fiesta

One of the most popular cars for new drivers has to be the Ford Fiesta, and there really is no wonder why! It is both affordable to those drivers who are on a very tight budget, and it is also extremely easy to drive and handle. Not only that, though, but most dealers who sell this car are able to offer some very big discounts! So, if you are looking for a car that is reasonably priced and a great little drive, look no further!

Volvo S60

Have you always fancied a saloon car? You can find new cars in this style in the Volvo range as it is one of the company’s signature styles. But new drivers should go straight for the Volvo S60. This car is extremely comfortable and is also packed full with unique safety features. BMW and Audi have some similar cars to this one, but the Volvo definitely wins when it comes to the price.

Volkswagen Polo

Another very popular make of car for beginner drivers, Volkswagen has really outdone itself with the Polo. This is one of the cheapest cars on this list to run, so is an extremely beneficial buy for anyone who is on a major shoestring budget. This car has various specifications as well, so you can choose features and an engine size to suit you.


Vauxhall Corsa

Another great car for smaller budgets, the Vauxhall Corsa often comes with an attractive price tag as well as very low running costs. If you are looking for a car that comes with the whole package – low cost, great driveability, and plenty of safety features – then this is the car for you. It also looks great too!

Skoda Fabia

Just a few years ago, Skoda had a very bad reputation for their cars. Thankfully, this isn’t the case anymore and their motors regularly feature in many top ten lists. And here’s one on our list of best new cars for new drivers! The Skoda Fabia is a great car for newbies as it is one of the cheapest to insure. It is also a super car to handle and maneuver!

Seat Mii

It’s cheap and extremely good to drive – you just can’t go wrong with the Seat Mii! Sure, it can feel a little too cheap on the inside, but outside it looks great. You can choose from three and five door versions.

As you can see, there are many great new cars for new drivers. Hopefully, this blog post will help you choose one!