The Complete Guide To Looking After Your Motor

No matter the state, shape, value or model of your car – you need to look after it. All cars need a bit of care now and then. Life, always has its way of getting in the way of everything else and that includes car care. You might lack the time, money or even inclination.

If you’re a new driver, this could be offputting. It’s a constant expense. You’re always going to paying for something whether it’s new tyres, toll fares or just petrol. However, that’s why it is so important to look after a car. If it gets damaged, the expense is going to be huge in order to repair it. You need to keep it good condition with the occasional small expense to save your bank account from bailing your car out when a big repair is needed. Don’t neglect a car, because you’ll be spending more than you ever planned to keep it in road and driving condition. Don’t neglect a car, because you’ll be spending more than you ever planned to keep it in road and driving condition. There are some options to keep you from spending much in the worst cases, though (

One of the best ways to keep your car running is to simply drive safely. Do not put yourself at risk, do not put your car at risk and don’t bother thinking about putting others in danger. Please don’t push your car to the limit and do not think about abusing the speed limits that are placed where they are for a good reason. Don’t put everyone around you at risk because you want to drive a bit faster! This also means you should keep yourself in road condition. If you are driving safe, you’re going to keep everything kosher – but your actions are still in your hands. If you drive with distractions, you won’t have the ability to pay attention to the road before your eyes. Don’t drive when you are sleepy, drunk or under the influence of mind-altering substances. If you take control of your car when you aren’t in the right frame of mind, you are risking some pretty dire consequences, and you may not be so lucky as to escape uninjured. The bonus to all of this? Not only will you be in a good condition to drive, but you are going to keep your car safe. Now, you can’t prevent every single accident on the road, but you can certainly take some responsibility to ensure you aren’t the cause.

When you own a car, you owe it to the car and yourself to make yourself knowledgeable about the car. The owners manual is a great place to start, but forums exist for every single car model. Learn about your cars working and the uniqueness of the model, so when something goes wrong, there’s already an expert behind the wheel of the car. Keep the owners manual in your car at all times, even if you’ve read it cover to cover, you’ll never know when it will come in handy. Finding out about your car is really easy these days and solutions, and walkthroughs exist in both video and written form online. All the solutions you are going to need are just going to be a click away. You should know how to solve all the basic problems of your car.


There are two parts of your car that are going to experience massive wear and tear through basic usage and friction. These are your tyres and your brakes. Now the tyres are likely the most important part of your car. They keep you stuck to the surface of the road, and good tyres are going to give you a good return on your investment. Safety is what you need to keep in mind here, and you should change your tyres out if you notice any differences in the handling of your car. Despite this, tyres are one of the cheapest changes you can make to a car and will improve the safety of your drive.

Brakes are another story. They use pure friction to stop your car and stopping your car? It could save your life. Brakes are naturally going to wear out because of their design and the very second you notice something different about the stopping performance of your car; you need to change them out. Brakes are going to keep you safe on the road and will look after you and your car. If you fancy actually upgrading your brakes, then ceramic brakes are able to dissipate the heat from the friction of stopping the car. Not bad, right?

There are some other basics to consider. Engine oil is overlooked so much, so you should always change this out. If it’s a few months old, a change can’t hurt as the engine oil enables your engine to actually perform via lubrication. Your engine will get dirty within if you don’t change the oil and that can cause it to blow a gasket through pressure. An air filter is also a great, easy change to look after your car as it will ensure your car is breathing and that nothing can affect the cold air intake. These basic checks can keep your car running for longer!

The final thing to do? Store your car well if you aren’t going to use it for awhile. Leave it in a clean spot and ensure that the car is covered. A full tank of gas won’t hurt either so it can run when the time comes. Also, you should take care to start the car every so often, so the battery stays alive. The worst thing that can happen here is that the car falls into disrepair when you aren’t using it. The car needs to be covered so it doesn’t become a home for pests that will tear it apart. It’s worth looking for a special storage option above all.