The Driving Issues Police Are Cracking Down On

When you first start out driving you’ll most likely be this perfect driver. Still keeping the hands at 10 and 2. But as you get a bit more cocky you get confident. Confident leads to doing things you shouldn’t be doing on the road. Think back to the times where you had to sit on public transport, or wait for a lift, or even worse… walked. Do you really want to go back to that? We think not. So you need to be aware of the things the police are really cracking down on to make sure you protect your license. Not only that, but protect the drivers around you. You’ve got to remember you’re not just putting your own life at risk, but others as well. So without further ado, here’s the issues they’re cracking down on.

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Driving under the influence is just downright dangerous and stupid. It is one of the main causes for accidents and deaths on the road. You could easily become a statistic of this. It is easy enough for you to think you can have two pints and get on your way. But whether you like to admit it or not, those two pints will affect your judgement, even if you feel fine. A DUI lawyer will have seen so many cases where people claim they felt fine so thought it would be fine. But the police are getting hot on the trails of people who are offending. Not only will your risk the lives of others. But you’ll lose your license, have a huge fine, a criminal record, and points for when you do get you licence back. It really isn’t worth the risk, just get a taxi!


This is something a lot of people definitely try to get away with as they get more confident. It seems so easy to pick up your phone and type a quick message back, or find a new song to put on. But this momentary lapse in concentration is where it can all go wrong. They’re even saying now that using a hands free system is still against the law. Technically you’re still distracted and your full attention isn’t on the road like it should be. If you get caught doing this it won’t be as serious as the DUI. But you run the risk of points, and you’ll definitely receive a nasty fine.


This is up there with the DUI death and injury rate. So many people each year are killed through speeding in the country, let alone what the toll for the whole world may be. If you’ve got a particularly fast car, or maybe you’re in a rush, then you’re obviously going to be tempted to put your foot down a little. But the faster you’re going the less chance you’ve got of stopping. Be mindful of your speed at all times. You’ll get hit with a fine, points, and if you’re speeding that excessively then possibly even a ban.