The Most Reliable Car Brands in the UK

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If you’re in the market for a vehicle in the UK and you want to choose a brand that will serve you well without lots of trips to the garage, check out this guide to the most reliable brands in the country…

Kia and Volvo

Joint first, Kia and Volvo vehicle drivers will be happy to know that for every 100 vehicles on the road, there are only 83 faults reported, so if it’s reliability you’re after, you could do much worse than to pick up one of these.


Coming in second is Skoda with just 89 faults per 100 vehicles – it’s come a long way since it was the laughing stock of the automobile world.


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If you want safety and affordability, then you could do worse than a Suzuki Swift since the brand only had 92 problems per 100 vehicles last year. That’s pretty impressive!


The popular Korean car brand is currently the fifth most reliable car in the UK with just three more problems per 100 than the Suzuki.


Toyota has long been praised for the reliability of its vehicles, so it might be surprising that it only comes in fifth in this list, but with only 105 faults per 100 it cannot be dismissed in the reliability stakes.


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A British classic, the Vauxhall brand has long been popular with those of us who value safe, reliable vehicles above all else, and it seems we were right to do so with the brand only experiencing 108 problems for every hundred of its vehicles that are currently on the road.


Coming in seventh is the Peugeot – the only French-made car to make it into the top 10 with 110 problems per 100. So, if you’re looking for an affordable car that offers a great deal of reality, take a look at a used Peugeot 1007. You won’t be disappointed!


Although it’s part of the Volkswagen group, Seat performs much better than VW itself, just sliding into eighth position thanks to its very low 113 fault report rate. So if you’re wondering whether to buy a VW or a Seat, go for the Seat.


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In ninth place, we have Mazda. It turns out that not only are the Japanese brand’s cars beautiful to look at, but they are also very reliable. However, with a problem report rate of 117 per 100, they aren’t doing quite as well as they did in previous years.


Making up the top 10 is Nissan – another Japanese car manufacturer with just one more problem report per 100 than the Mazda, proving that the Japanese really do know what it takes to build a reliable vehicle.

So, now you know which brands are the most reliable, in the UK at least, you should be able to make a much more informed decision when the time comes for you to buy a car. Obviously, you should do your own research – especially if you’re buying used – but if you choose any of these brands, it’s unlikely you’ll be troubling your mechanic too often.