These 2016 Driving Statistics Will Shock You!

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This year has been huge for drivers. Record numbers of motorists hit the road, and a lot has changed for drivers. You probably notice some of the latest modern innovations, such as exciting safety features in cars and cool driving apps. But looking into statistics can give us a surprising view of how things changed for motorists in 2016. Here are some driving statistics which may shock you.

New Vehicle Prices Are At An All-Time High

It’s always been a massive financial commitment to buy a new car. However, it seems that it’s now more financially pressing than ever. Statistics show that the average price of a new car in 2016 was $34,077 – an all-time high!

The rise of vehicle prices has mainly been attributed to strong sales of larger vehicles. Trucks are in high-demand, with great models coming out this year such as the Ford F-150. SUVs and light trucks have also made massive sales. These autos are often more expensive than compact and midsize cars.

The fact that people have more financing options has also made it easier to people to buy expensive vehicles. Many car owners now turn to leasing to afford their dream car. With the rise in new vehicle prices, more people are also considering used cars. After all, they work out much cheaper and can still be useful for many years.

Traffic Deaths Are Rising At An Alarming Rate

Vehicles are now safer than ever. With assistive technology such as lane-keeping and blind-spot cameras, you’d assume road accidents would lower. But it seems to be the opposite. In fact, 2016 experienced the biggest spike in traffic deaths in five decades.

Irresponsible driving has long been a problem. Those who decide to make calls while driving or drive while intoxicated can cause severe damage to other motorists. It’s important that drivers keep safe and know what action to take in the case of motor vehicle accidents.

The alarming rise in road accidents has been linked to the use of smartphone apps. Pokémon GO became a worldwide phenomenon earlier this year. Many people were found playing the game while driving. As a motorist, you should be sure to keep your eyes on the road and practise defensive driving.

Drivers Are Holding Onto Their Cars For Longer Than Ever Before

On a more positive note, U.S. drivers can expect to get a fantastic return on their investment. Statistics found that in 2016, the average age of cars on the road was an all-time high of 11.6 years. As vehicles have improved, more people can stretch their miles out for many more years.

Many people hold onto their old cars as they feel comfortable driving it. What’s more, it gives them peace of mind that their vehicle is sturdy and built-to-last. The rise in new car prices most likely also has an impact on this. People would much rather prefer to keep their old vehicle and save on the costs.

The studies found that a quarter of U.S. vehicles on the road were built before 2001. It’s predicted that the durability of cars will continue to rise. As long as you give your car regular maintenance, you could make it last for decades!