They’re All Grown Up: The Best Cars To Buy For Your Teens

When your kids start to turn into mini adults, it can be scary. Not only are you trying to teach them some of life’s biggest lessons (even though you know they’ll have to learn them for themselves), you still want to do everything you can from them. And that all definitely applies when it comes to getting their first car.

As a parent, you naturally want the safest car possible for your kid. At the same time, you want it to be affordable, reliable and great on gas – especially if your kids are paying for it! So, to kick start your search, here are five to consider. The style you choose will be down to your own personal needs, but you could always head to a local dealer like Texas Cars & Autos to see your options first hand.

Volkswagen Passat

It’s a great family car, but the Volkswagen Passat is also an excellent choice for your children too. At around $22,000, it’s on the pricier end of our selection, but it’s smart, safe and relatively efficient. It features a 1.8l engine and gets around 30MPG. One of our two mid-sized options, your keen will find themselves with a lot of space, making it perfect for college or kids that have a lot of extracurricular equipment.

Toyota Yaris

A Yaris is always a solid option for your teen. These cars are cute and compact, but also super affordable at under $18,000. They have a great MPG at 30-36 on average, so you’ll also get a lot of distance for your money too. The engine size is relatively small (1.5l) and it takes over 10 seconds to get to 60 MPH, so you don’t want to worry about your kids racing around town.

Ford Fiesta

Both affordable (on average under $20,000) and super-cute, a Ford Fiesta is an option that your teen will love too. It’s quite small inside, but unless your kids have a lot of luggage to carry around with them in life (maybe if they’re back and forth from college?), that should be okay. You can also choose the four-door option for extra room. Efficiency wise, it gets 30-40 MPG, and the engine is an adequate 1.6l.

Hyundai Accent

On average, you can get these beauties for under $18,000, and the MPG comes in at around 30 combined – making the Accent an excellent choice for your college kid. It’s very reliable when out on the road and can cover a lot of mileage, which is perfect if your teen is driving a lot of miles to and from school. It also comes with the option of 5 or 10-year warranties for added peace of mind.

Toyota Camry

For under $25,000, you could pick up a super cool Camry. It’s slightly bigger and a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but it gets an A+ on the safety scale. Insurers dub it a great car for teens, and it comes with a whopping ten airbags too. The average MPG is around 28, and the engine is a heart 2.5l – so you may have to weigh up whether safety or efficiency is more important to you.