Three Upgrade Ideas To Make Your Older Car Feel New

Linked from Pexels website

New cars are always so tempting because of the cool new features they include, however, a there are many reasons why a brand new model might be off the cards. Whether it’s because of the upfront cost, insurance costs or you don’t want to spend so much when the value is going to depreciate, there are plenty of great reasons to go with a used model instead. If your car is a little older and isn’t kitted out with all of the newest tech, the great news is there are things you can do to modernise it (as well as generally get the most out of it). Here are a few cool upgrades to consider.

For Driving Performance: A Chip Tuning Box

A chip tuning box will enhance the performance of your engine while giving you a 10% reduction in the consumption of fuel you use. They’re easy to fit without any cutting or soldering and can be added or taken out with simple plugs without affecting the engine or the car’s computer. One thing people can be worried about with chip tuning boxes is whether they cause cars to wear out quicker. However because they operate within the limits or your car manufacturer’s tolerance limits, it won’t in any way shorten the lifespan. From Volkswagen petrol tuning to BMW diesel tuning, they can be fitted to just about any model and really change your driving experience for the better.

For Technology: A Modern Stereo and Sat Nav Combo

Older cars were designed, manufactured and sold long before the invention of satnavs and smartphones. Some won’t even come with an aux socket. However modern gadgets make it easy to bring your car into the 21st century. There are a number of touch screen car stereos on the market which also double up as a sat nav, allow you to make phone calls as well as listen to radio and your online playlists from places like iTunes and Spotify. Ideal if your car doesn’t come with these things as standard. They can even be linked up to reversing cameras and have voice recognition software, so you do not have to pull over every time you need to use it.

For Looks: Cosmetic Upgrades

As well as changing the way the car drives and it’s electronic capability, focusing on some of the car’s cosmetic features are sure to make it feel much fresher and newer. An old, worn steering wheel and gearstick can quickly be revamped with covers. If the seats are worn, fit new covers, replace old or missing hubcaps with nice new ones. Inexpensive but will make a huge difference to the look of the car. Take care of any scratches on the paintwork with a DIY repair kit, or take it to a body shop if they’re a little deeper and harder to fix yourself. And of course, giving it a good clean inside and out will certainly improve the way it looks and how you feel when you use it!