‘Tis The Season To Be Sensible! Driving Around Christmas And New Year

photo from pixabay

Yes, it is the season to be jolly, but being jolly for many of us requires a lovely tipple or two. And in the season of goodwill there are many more causes of car accidents. It never hurts to go over what is important when it comes to driving, because there are still people who don’t listen when it comes to the speed limit, alcohol consumption and the list goes on! So take note:

Eyes On The Road!

Regardless of your age, whether you are a new driver or you have been driving for 50 years, we are now a lot more dependent on our mobile phones. For teenagers, one of the main factors in a car crash now is that they were using their phone while driving. As technology improves, so does our dependence on these devices, and all it takes is to take your eye off the road for a matter of seconds for a live-threatenening accident to occur. There are many phone mounts that you can purchase to put on your dashboard, and they are very cheap, so make sure you get one, it may save your life and save your car from being completely destroyed!

Don’t Drink Alcohol!

In the US, 30% of all fatalities in car accidents are caused by drivers that were under the influence of alcohol, and with the holiday season and the amount of drinks that are flowing at Christmas and New Years parties, it is tempting to have one, and people may even just force that one down your throat. Just don’t even bother. Even at very low levels, alcohol is a central nervous system depressent which will slow down your reaction time and may cause you to make a split-second choice that could prove fatal. If you want to be that stupid and put people’s lives in your hands, make sure you have a good DUI & DWI Lawyer on call!


Hide The Keys!

A lot of people seem to think they know their limits, and there are those that drive under the influence all the time, but regardless of the time of year, it is just a fact that binge drinking will occur at some point. And there is a simple approach to prevent anything before accidents are caused, hide the keys from sight before any drinking starts. That way, the responsible individual there will be able to keep an eye on who is leaving and what sort of state they are in, and be sure to have a list of taxi firms handy. That is the more sensible approach.

Prevent Them From Driving!

Whether you have a teenager going out, or someone older, prevention is better than cure! With youngsters, peer pressure is incredibly strong, and sometimes the best way is to give advice, but it may fall on deaf ears. There is no replacement for making people understand the consequences of their actions. With all the media on car accidents and their repercussions, it still can be trying to get blood from a stone, but if we know the impact we will make from one false move, then we can prevent so much pain.